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Prometeus & Dibrova Choirs and Baturyn Band - Україно Кохана

Side 1
1. On The Hillside
Folk song - Ой По Горі
Arr.: M. Hrynyshyn, accomp.: M. Kravtsiw-Barabash
Soloist - Victor Sheveli

2. The Reminiscence Of Cheremosh River - А Черемош Пливе
Mel.: B. Yurkiw
Arr.: V.Kardash, words: O. Anheliuk
3. Cossacks In Captivity - Закувала Та Сива Зозуля
Mus. & words: P. Nishchynskyj
Soloist - Volodymyr Ihnatovych

4. My Beloved Ukraine - Україно Кохана
Mus.: A. Pashkewych
Arr.: V. Kardash
5. The Well In THe Steppe - Гей, У Степу Криниченька
Folk song Arr.: M. Opryshko
6. Play, O Bandura, Play - Грай, Бандуро, Грай
Mus.: I. Shamo
Words.: D. Lutsenko

Side 2
1. Song About Desna River - Пісня Про Десну
Mus.: K. Dominchen
Words: M. Soma

2. The Grey Cuckoo-Bird - Ой, Сивап Зозуленька
An ancient folk song
Arr.: M. Leontovych
3. My Evening Star - Зоре Моя Вечірняя
Mus.: H. Hladkyj, arr.: V. Kardash
Words.: T. Shevchenko
4. Youth March - Марш Юних
Mus. P. Merezhyn 5. Potpourri from the op. "Natalka Poltavka" - Попурі з оп. Наталка Полтавка
Mus.: M. Lysenko
Instr.: J. Hoydalo

А Черемош Пливе

Baturyn Band
Musical Director - Vasyl Kardash, M.A. Accompanist - Nadia Sereda-Brechun, B.A. У 40 Річчя УПА "...there can be no doubt of the excellence of these ensembles or the superb direction and training by Mr. Kardash." Dr. R. Gibson, Winnipeg Free Press. Credits: Performers: SUM (Ukrainian Youth Association) Ensembles Of Toronto, 83 Christie St. (Sofron Bezubko, Chairman; Taras Ruszczak, Administrator) Producer: Societies of Veterans of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) in Canada & USA; Canada Branch - 140 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ont. (Volodymyr Makar, Honorary Chairman; Mykola Kulyk, Chairman) Recording Engineer: Jim Morgan Editing: Vasyl and Larissa Kardash Mastering: McClear Studio Cover: Volodymyr Bednarskyj Emblem reproduction: Bohdan Malynovskyj

Prometeus & Dibrova Choirs and Baturyn Band - Мамо! Чи чуєш мене?...

Side 1
1. The Prisoner's Dream Folk's melody - Сон
Arr.: V. Kardash, words: P. Hrabovskyj

2. Four Our Land We Fight - За Рідний Край
Mus.: M. Hayvoronskyj
Words: R. Kupchynskyj; accomp.: Z Lavryshyn
3. The Carpathian Heroes - Карпатські Січовики
Mus.: H. Kytastyj
Words: Y. Slawutych

4. When You Fell In The Battle - Коли Ви Вмирали
Mus.: M. Hayvoronskyj
Words: O. Oles'

5. Glory Unto The Heroes - Слава Героям
Mus.: B. Smetana

6. We, The Freedom Fighters - Під Шум Лісів
Mus.: Y. Hordij, arr.: V. Kardash
Words: R. Soltys & V. Davydiak

7. It's Time To Arise - Вже Час, Вже Час
Arr. & instr.: V. Kardash
Song of the Ukrainian Underground & UPA

Side 2 1. Song From The Concentration Camp Maydanek - Кличе Спалена Пісня
Mus.: W. Chinch, arr.: V. Kardash
Words: O. Bohachuk

2. Partisan's Lullaby - Партизантська Колискова
Mus.: I. Wilenskyj
Arr.: V. Kardash
Soloist - Sonia Sakhno
3. Song About Lopatynskyj - Пісня Про Лопатинського
Arr.: V. Kardash
From the songs of the Ukrainian Underground

4. A Mother's Eternal Vigil - А Мати Ходить На Курган
Mus.: A. Pashkewych
Words: D. Lutsenko
5. The Mounted Stallions - Вершники
Mus.: O. Bilash
Words: M. Tomenko

6. March Of The Siromantsi Detachment - Марш Сіроманців
Arr.: Z. Lawryshyn
From the songs of the UPA


Musical Director - Vasyl Kardash, M.A.
Accompanist - Nadia Sereda-Brechun, B.A.
У 40 Річчя УПА

"...there can be no doubt of the excellence of these ensembles or the superb direction and training by Mr. Kardash." Dr. R. Gibson, Winnipeg Free Press.
Performers: SUM (Ukrainian Youth Association) Ensembles Of Toronto, 83 Christie St.
(Sofron Bezubko, Chairman; Taras Ruszczak, Administrator)
Producer: Societies of Veterans of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) in Canada & USA; Canada Branch - 140 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ont.
(Volodymyr Makar, Honorary Chairman; Mykola Kulyk, Chairman)
Recording Engineer: Jim Morgan
Editing: Vasyl and Larissa Kardash
Mastering: McClear Studio
Cover: Volodymyr Bednarskyj

Рекордовано в лютому-березні 1983 року у спортовій залі Українського Дому, 83 Крісті Ст.
Друковано в жовтні 1983 року у Praque Typesetting, Inc. (Здена Шкворецка)
Фотограф - Тадей Федоренко

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The Shevchenko Male Chorus - In A Ukrainian Concert

Side 1
1. Susidka

Ukrainian folk song

2. Zakuvala Ta Syva Zozulia
(The Call of the Grey Cuckoo)
music by Nischynski

soloist - John Bokla

3. Dumky Pro Kanadu i Ukrainu
(Thoughts About Canada and Ukraine)
words by J. Shymchyshyn
music by Vysochinska
soloist - William Shymchyshyn

4. Poyu Koni Pry Dunayu
(Watering the Horses by the Danube)
Ukrainian folk lyrics
music by Liudkevich

5. Dyvlius Ya Na Nebo
(I Gaze at the Heavens)
music by Zaremba
soloist John Bokla

6. Verkhovyno, Maty Moya
(Highland Mother of Mine)
words and music by Mashkin
soloist Fred Pesarchuk

Side 2
1. Nich Yaka Misiachna
(Moonlit Night)
Ukrainian folk song
arrangement by Samsonenko
soloist John Bokla

2. Reve Ta Stohne Dnipr Shyrokiy
(The Mighty Dnieper Roars)
Ukrainian folk song
words by T. Shevchenko
harmony by Kossenko

3. Vivtsi Moyi Vivtsi
(My Sheep)
Ukrainian folk lyrics
musics by Hrynyshyn
soloist Jerry Prociw

4. U Keyevi Na Podoli
(In Kiev in the Podol)
words by Voronko
music by Shtoharenko

5. Marichka
words by Tkach
music by Sabadash
soloist Fred Pesarchuk

Dumky Pro Kanadu i Ukrainu

The musics, songs and dances of the Ukrainian people, like their national costumes and handicrafts,need very little introduction to Canadians. They have been heard and seen in our country countless times, ever since Ukrainians first came here almost 75 years ago. They came to a strange country seeking land and an opportunity to improve their lot. Theirs was a difficult those early years. But they came with great endowments - the desire and ability to work and exceptionally rich folk cultural traditions - it wasn't long before they put these to work for the welfare of their families and heir new homeland.

They settled the length and breadth of this country. Soon after they formed various community organizations, church groups, cultural and reading societies, in which their rich heritage played an important part. In the first years their cultural activities were carried on in their homes, later in community halls and various churches. Today, Ukrainian concerts and performances are presented in some of our finest theatres, as well as to radio and television audiences. Ukrainian choirs singing Ukrainian folk songs have thrilled musical festivals,during the war in concerts for the soldiers, at Victory Band rallies, etc.

To large numbers of Canadians, particularly in Eastern Canada, the Shevchenko Male Chorus needs little introduction. Founded only 12 years ago,this amateur chorus has appeared at some 180 concerts before audiences estimated at over 100 000 people. In addition to appearing at numerous benefit performances for varied cultural organizations, home and school associations, trade unions in the home city of Toronto, it has delighted audiences in Montreal, Fort William, Detroit, Windsor, Sudbury and many other cities. Recentrly it participated in the Golden Jubilee celebrations in Timmins, with great success. In addition to the concert work, the chorus has appeared in the operas Kateryna, Cossack Beyond The Danube, the musical drama Zemlya, and other productions.

Of the 200 songs in its repertoire, a large number of them are classical selections written to the words of Taras Shevchenko, the Ukrainian poet, whose name the chorus proudly bears. Included also are songs of the Russian, Chech, Slovak, Polish, Armenian, Azerbaijanian peoples, compositions by renowned classical composers, as well as songs of the English, American, French and Canadian peoples.

"The Shvechenko Male Chorus In A Ukrainian Concret" is the chours' first long-playing record. It contains folk, classical, and contemporary selections - all with a popular appeal.

Piano Accompaniment - Esther Cronenberg
Jacket Design - Jerry Prociw
Conducted by Eugene Dolny

Joan Karasevich - Reflections

Side One
1. Думи Мої - My Thoughts - Doomeh Moyee
Words: T. Shevchenko
The writer muses on the fate of his poetry. He hopes his thoughts may reach his homeland to be heard and received with love and honour, though he remains in exile.
2. Нащо мені чорні брови - Where Have They Gone - Nashcho Manyee Chorni Broveh
Words: T. Shevchenko - Musics: W. Zaremba
"Of what use is my beauty if my destiny is to be alone among strangers; an orphan longing for home."
3. Білі Каштани - Spring In Kiev - Belee Kashtaneh
Words: A. Malushka - Musics: P. Mayboroda
"Whenever I go, I will remember Spring in Kiev, the chestnut trees n blossom and you and I together."
4. Рідна Мати Моя - Dearest Mother Of Mine - Reednah Mateh Moyah

Words: A. Malushka - Musics: P. Mayboroda
"Dearest mother, I gaze upon the embroidered scarf you gave me - you who went sleepless in the night - you who set my path by the stars - and the pain of the loneliness in my heart is as deep as your love."
5. Дівочі Мрії - A Maiden's Longing - Deevochee Mreyee
A young girl hopes and dream that her love will be true and come to take her home with him.

Side 2
1. Ой Не Ходи Грицю - Please Don't Go - Oy Ne Hodeh Hretsyoo
My lover was unfaithful. I poisoned him and now hi is dead. Bitter is my sorrow. He will be neither hers nor mine - only the cold, grey earth will hold him now.
2. Ой Казала Мені Мати - My Mother Warned Me - Oy Kazalah Manyee Mateh
Words and Music: C. Hulaka - Artemovsky
"Go to the well and fetch some water but don't flirt with the young kozaks!"
"Oh, Mother, I didn't flirt, all I did was kiss one"
3. Мати Доню Колисала - Бодайся Когут Знудив - For The Children - Nahteh Donyoo Kolehsahalah / Bodaysha Kohoot Znoodehv
" I rock you to sleep but you will have just one more song. My dark-eyed little nighthawk, you would dance all night. Sleep, my love, mother is here."
4. Чабан(Лучше було) - It's better Not To Know - Loocheh Boolo Traditional It's better not to meet; it's better not to love; but it's even better not to know how and when love will end.
5. Бандура - Bandura- Bandura
Traditional "Love played me for a fool. Now, on my bandura, I play the song of your beautiful eyes and of the love for which I would give my soul."
6. Верховино - Verhoveno - Verhoveno
Traditional "Verhoveno is our whole wordl. Oh, to dance for just one hour on your meadows - to hear the river rush by - the piper play - the thunder roar - the birds sing - to be with the marvellous girls! Paradise is there."

Joan Karasevich - Reflections
Singing Ukrainian Favorites - from Steppes to the Prairies
Born and raised in Winnipeg on the Canadian prairie where her great-grandparents had settled three generations earlier, Joan Karasevich developed the musical and dramatic talents in an environment still vibrating with the dynamic spirit of the pioneers.

Дівочі Мрії

Joan has shared these talent across Canada and in the United States through her concert performances and leading roles in musical and dramatic productions. She has appeared at such theatres as the Stratford Festival Theatre, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Rainbow Stage, Charlottetown Festival and Seattle Repertory Theatre. Guest appearances on network radio and television shows have brought her into the homes and heards of many. 1975 will mark her return to the Ukrainian National Festival in Dauphin.

"Reflections" is Joan's contribution to International Women's Year - thanks to the support of family and friends. An offering of love, these are songs of the Ukrainian people - the soul of the steppes echoed on the prairie - the sound on the hearts of people everywhere.
Music arranged and conducted by Ted Komar featuring "The Ted Komar Orchestra
Photography: J. Coleman Fletcher
Cover design: Charles Speidel
Engineer: John Hildebrand
Kara-Schel Productions
467 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, Canada R2K 2H7, Phone: 204-668-6144
Recorded by Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg Canada
Artist and production are Canadian 1975 Production

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Троянда - Троянда

Перша Сторона
1. Розпрягайте Хлопці Коні - Unharness The Horses
2. Впали Дві Зірниці - Two Stars Fell
3. Пісня Буде Поміж Нас - A Song Between Us
4. Streets Of London
5. Ой Романе! - Oh Roman!
6. Бачу Тебе - Looking At You

Друга Сторона
1. Мій Андрійко - My Andriyko
2. Рідний Край У Карпатах - My Land In The Carpathians
3. На Івана Купала - On St. John's Day
4. Жартівливі Пісні - Comical Songs
5. Ой Гаю, Гаю - In the Grove
6. Українська В’язанка - Ukrainian Medley
7. Думки Про Канаду Й Україну - Thoughts Of Canada & Ukraine

Розпрягайте Хлопці Коні

Думки Про Канаду Й Україну

Michael Curry - Pianist gold medal winner Royal Conservatory of Music
Orysia Lubinsky - Coloratura Soprano, former soloist with the Toronto Opera Repertoire
Laura Prokopovish - Contralto Soprano, toured Ukraine as a featured solo artist

Produced By Bill Hawryschuk
Arranged by Troyanda and Bill Hawryschuk
Recorded live to two track at Manta Sound Toronto
Engineered by Ron Searles - Edited by Mike Duncan
Graphics and Photography by Bill Hawryschuk

Special thanks to Orest Sushko for sharing his engineering knowledge and experience with us
We wish to thank the Taras Shevchenko Foundation and the Yavir Ukrainian Folk Ensemble for their support

Copyright 1987

Dankevich - Bogdan Khmelnitski - Ukrainian Opera

Side 1 Act 1 Scene 1
Nina Goncharenko - Soprano; Larisa Rudenko - Mezzo-soprano; Nicolai Chasti - Bass; Vassill Babenko - Bass; Rudolf Belitski - Baritone; Pavel Ivanov - Tenor

Side 2
Act 1 Scene 2 (part one)
Nina Goncharenko - Soprano; Larisa Rudenko -Mezzo-soprano; Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Boris Gmyria - Bass; Victor Borischenko - Tenor; Boris Puzin - Tenor; Dmitri Gnatyuk - Bass

Side 3
band 1. Act 1 Scene 2(concluded) band 2. Act 1 Scene 3
Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Boris Gmyria - Bass; Victor Borischenko - Tenor; Mikhail Romenski - Bass; Pavel Gaychuk - Bass; Boris Puzin - Tenor; Ivan Klyakun - Tenor; Vassili Babenko - Bass; Anatoli Okhrimovich - Tenor

Side 4
Act 2 Scene 1 (part one)
Larisa Rudenko - Mezzo-soprano; Lilia Lobanova-Rogacheva - Soprano; Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Boris Gmyria - Bass; Victor Borischenko - Tenor; Semen Kogan - Tenor; Rudolf Belicki - Bass

Side 5
band 1 Act 2 Scene 1 (concluded) band 2 Act 2 Scene 2
Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Victor Borischenko - Tenor; Pavel Gaychuk - Bass; Nicolai Chasti - Bass; Ivan Morgul - Tenor; Karl Papernik - Tenor; Vassili Babenko - Bass; Yakov Otroschenko - Baritone

Side 6
Act 3 (part one)
Lilia Lobanova-Rogacheva - Soprano; Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Boris Gmyria - Bass; Victor Borischenko - Tenor; Semen Kogan - Tenor;

Side 7
Act 3 (concluded)
Nina Goncharenko - Soprano; Larisa Rudenko - Mezzo-soprano; Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Boris Gmyria - Bass; Victor Borischenko - Tenor; Semen Kogan - Tenor; Rudolf Belitski - Bass

Side 8
Act 4
Mikhail Grishko - Baritone; Vladimir Matveyev - Bass; Victor Borischenko - Tenor

Act 1 Scene 2 (part one)

Chorus and Orchestra of the Kiev Taras Shevchenko Theatre. Conducted by Vladimir Piradov.

Westminster OPW 1403

Кубанські Козаки - Колись і Тепер

1 сторона
Ми Діти Роду Козацького - We are sons of the Cossacks - music N. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan
Я Сам Вночі - Alone at Night - music N. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan
Горілка! - Не Дівка - Whisky! - Not the Girl - music N. & A. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan
Мамо, Мамо - Mamo, Mamo - music N. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan
Наша Мова - Our Language - A. Koumpan
Юкі Діско - Ukie Disco - J. C. Naude

2 сторона
1. Наша Любов - Our Love - music N. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan
2. Мандруємо По Світі - World Wanderers - music N. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan
3. Доля - Destiny - music N. & A. Koumpan, lyrics N. Koumpan
4. Щось Від Мене - Something from Me - N. Koumpan
5. Не Блуди - Don't Stray - A. Koumpan
6. Згадаймо Дні Про Карнавали - Memories of Carnivals - music N. Koumpan, lyrics A. Koumpan

Юкі Діско

Олександер і Микола Кумпан шанують свою українську кубанську спадщину. Вони гордо виставляють світлину своїх дідів у кубанському однострої. Проживаючи і працюючи тепер у Парижі , ті українські артисти світової слави палають музичною творчістю. Музика і лірика написана Миколою та Олександром до цієї пластинки, цілковито нова і оригінальна. Вона становить модерний і динамічний стиль, що унаявнює їхню любов до української культури. Як і перша платівка “Ритм України“, вона матиме творчий вплив на прийдешній розвиток української музики.

Sashko and Mykola Koumpan revere their Ukrainian Kuban Cossack heritage. They proudly display the photo of their Cossack grandfathers in their Kuban uniforms. Presently working in Paris, these Ukrainian entertainers, of word renown, are bursting with musical creativity. The music and lyrics written by Mykola and Sashko for this record, are completely new and original. It is in a modern and dynamic style displaying a love of their Ukrainian culture. As with their first record "Beat of Ukraine" it will have a strong positive effect on future Ukrainian musical development.

Lyrics, Solo Vocals - Sashko (Alexander) Koumpan
Music, Vocals, Accordion - Mykola (Nicholas) Koumpan
Musical Arrangements and Direction, Trumpets - Jean-Claude Naude
Cover Consultant - Lubomyr Taskey
Photography - Ariane Koumpan
Production - Roy and Irene Kostuk
Printing - Harmony Printing Ltd. (70 Coronet Rd. Toronto, Canada)
Sound Engineer - Alain Butet
Recorded at Pathe Marconi, E.M.I. Paris, France
Aremkay Records - 2195 Bloor St. W. Toronto Ontario M6S 1N2 Canada 416-766-7666

Сузір’я - Сузір’я

Перша Сторона
1. Наш Орлинний Край - сл. Л. Татаренко муз. Д. Бойко
2. Голубівна - сл. Б. Стельмах муз. В. Янівський
3. Білі Коні - сл. В. Симоненко муз. Н. Свинар
4. Кличе Спалена Пісня (Мамо) - сл. Н.Н. муз. М. Юрків
5. Колискова - сл. Л. Українка муз. Д. Бойко
Друга Сторона
1. Три Поради - сл. Ю. Рибчинський муз. І. Шамо
2. Ти Знаєш, Що Ти Людина - сл. В. Симоненко муз. Д. Бойко
3. Вечірня Пісня - сл. Л. Ященко муз. Л. Ященко
4. Ворожка - сл. і муз. народні
5. Весни Примари - сл. В. Канаш муз. В. Ільїн

Кличе Спалена Пісня (Мамо)

Produced by Bohdan Kuszczak and Suzirya
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Terry Medwedyk assisted by Paul Binish
Recorded and mixed at Kinck Sound, Scarborough, Ontario
Mastered at the Lacquer Channel, Scarborough, Ontario
Mastered by Terry Medwedyk
Cover design by Bohdan Tchoryk, Bohdan Kuszczak, Suzirya
Photographs by Taras Soltys
Cover Photograph courtesy of the European Southern Observatory

1. Our Native Land Ukraine - words. L. Tatarenko music D. Boyko
2. The Dove - words B. Stelmach music V. Yanivsky
3. White Stallions - words V. Symonenko music N. Svynar
4. Mama - words Anonymous music M. Yurkiw
5. Lullabye - words L. Ukrainka music D. Boyko

1. Words Of Wisdom - words Y. Rybchynsky music I. Shamo
2. Ode To The Individual - words V. Symonenko music D. Boyko
3. Evening Melody - words L. Yashchenko music L. Yashchenko
4. The Fortune Teller - Folk song
5. Visions Of Spring - words V. Kanash music V. Ilyin

Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble Suzirya
1 сопран - Ірка Хичій, Орися Любінська
2 сопран - Петруся Боєчко, Оля Шульган
альт - Дана Бойко, Христя Дудар

1st soprano - Irka Chyczij, Orysia Lubinsky
2nd soprano - Petrusia Bejetchko, Ola Shulhan
alto - Dana Boyko, Chrystyna Dudar
Dana Boyko - acoustic guitar, piano in "Lullabye"
Roman Charak - mandolin
Richard Hareychuk - bandura
Roman Moroz - drums, synthesizer, string synthesizer
Miron Nahirny - bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Roman Pankiw - piano, acoustic guitar in "Lullabye"

Wolodymyr Petryga - electric guitar, acoustic guitar

We would like to acknowledge the following people for the time and effort they devoted in making this record album a reality. Our sincere thanks to Terry Medwedyk, Paul Bonish, Orest Bandurka, Bohdan Tchoryk, Taras Soltys and the Ukrainian band "Kuban". Suzirya

Distributed by Promin Ukrainian Folkoric Productions. All rights reserved. Made in Canada.