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Valdemir - Folk and popular songs in Ukrainian

Side 1
1. The Gypsy
2. Moonlight Night
3. Cossack March
4. Father's Advice
5. Highland Song
6. My Native Land

Side 2
1. Berry Tree
2. Bewitching Nights
3. Ohnyk - Karma Music
4. Don't Grow Up Too Soon - Hit Music
5. Pulchinello - Lanthony Music
6. Fallen Star - Anthony Music

Ohnyk - Karma Music

Fallen Star - Anthony Music

Produced by W. M. Starosolsky
Associate producer G. Gatz
Cover design R. Chodorkoff
Cover photo Litho in Canada
Manufactured and distributed by Capitol Records (Canada) LTD
Printed in Canada
Capitol EMI SQ 80.002 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Тереса Сокирка - Theresa Sokyrka - Ukrainian Roots

1. Тиша Навкруги
2. Ой не ходи, Грицю
3. Черемшина
4. Сорочка Мамина
5. Гуцулка Ксеня
6. Гиля, Гиля Сирій Гуси
7. Червона Рута
8. Я Піду в Далекі Гори

Тиша Навкруги


Benoit Morier - bass on track 4, guitarron on tracks 5&7, guitars, drums, and percussion
Carissa Klopoushak - violin, vibraphonette on track 4, background vocals
Andy Cherny - accordion
Mike DiMassi - bass on tracks 2,3,6 & 8
Ryan Frizzell - trumpets on tracks 7
Paul Van Dyk - bass on track 1

Recorded at BPM Studios on Montreal, QC
Engineered and Mixed by Benoit Morier
Produced by Benoit Morier & Theresa Sokyrka
Mastered by Joao Carvalho Mastering in Toronto, ON
Photos taken by Peter Christensen at www.daftnewmedia.com
Album Artwork by Bradley Laurie

All tracks are traditional Ukrainian Folk Songs except 7 & 8, music and lyrics by Volodymyr Ivasiuk, and track 4 music and lyrics by N. Maj.

Choir on track 4 recorded by Mark Klopoushak at The Avenue Recording Company in Saskatoon.
Choir members: George Hupka , Al & Cec Kachowski, Larry and Alicia Klopoushak, Harold and Sonia Sokyrka and Christina Sydor

Endless thanks to Benoit for breathing life into this album.  Big thanks to Carissa for her amazing ears, I couldn't have done it without her.  Thank you to all of the wonderful musicians on this project.  Дякую to the Shevchenko Foundation for helping me get it started.  Finally, thank you my mom and dad for instilling the love of Ukrainian music in me.
Dedicated to Kvitka Cisyk and Volodymyr Ivasiuk.

2010 TEP All rights reserved
Made in Canada

Experimental Bandura Trio - Andrec Kytasty Fedynsky

1. Mosaic - Michael Andrec
2. Hunter Nocturne - EBT
3. Nova Radist Variations - Michael Andrec
4. Osogovsko Oro - trad. Macedonian/EBT
5. Hunter Nocturne II - EBT
6. Dumadance - Ostap Veresai/EBT
7. Dr. Shtok Makes Hausecalls - Julian Kytasty/EBT
8. Canticle - Michael Andrec
9. Passacaglia - Julian Kytasty
10. Kobzar Trance - EBT

Hunter Nocturne

On March 29 1957 Dr. Zynovij Shtokalko, one of the great bandurists of twentieth century, went into the basement of his Brooklyn apartment, picked up his bandura and turned on the tape recorder.  Forty years later the resulting music, Atonal Etudes 1 & 2, became the inspiration and starting point for this project.

The bandura is a string instrument originating in Ukraine, where blind bards (kobzari) used it to accompany thir epic songs.  For the last three years Michael Andrec, Jurij Fedynsky, and Julian Kytasty have worked together as the Experimental Bandura Trio to develop a contemporary musical language for this ancient instrument.  This CD is the product of those sessions.

Our sincere thanks to:
New York Bandura Ensemble
Yara Arts Group and Nova Nomada
Kobzarska Sich and the Emlenton Music Festival
Henry and Christina Sheldon
Alex and Irene Kuzma
Volodymyr and Eudokia Luchkan
Tristra Newyear and Ilya Temkin
Levko Maistrenko
Dr. Zynovij Shtokalko (1920-1968)

Recorded August 1998 at UMK Studio NYC and July 1999 Hunter NY by Alex Kytasty and Levko Maistrenko
Mixed and mastered by Alex Kytasty
Final mastering by Jerry Halatyn 
Design by Ilya Temkin
A PRB production 2000
Experimental Bandura Trio
138 2nd Ave., NY NY 10003
All rights reserved

Kwartet Jorgi - Jam


1. Daj ac ja pobrushe - Let me grind the corn
2. Oberek - Polish folk dance "oberek"
3. Z hory - Down the mountain
4. Polonezem na wschod - Let's polonaise eastwards
5. Bramy ogrodu - Gates of the garden
6. Ubinie - Ubinie Village
7. Kolomyjka - Kolomiyka - Ukrainian dance
8. Krzesany - Mountaneers' dance
9. Piesn wieczorna - Evening song

Kolomyjka - Kolomiyka - Ukrainian dance

Evening Song

Recorded at studio S-4, Warsaw, October 1990
Engineer: Tadeusz Mieczkowski
Photo: Maciej Osiecki
Produced by Kwartet Jorgi (contact Polna 31/5, 60-535 Poznan) and Polskie Radio
1991 JAM CD 0191

Kwartet Jorgi are:
Maciej Rychy - Polskie instrumenty pasterskie (Polish pastoral instruments):
- sierszenki (wielkopolska drone pipes)
- przebierka kozla lubuskiego (bag chanter)
- piszczalka jaworowa (sycamore pipe)
- multanki (ancient Slavic panpipes)
- ligawa - kurpiowska traba drewniana (kurpie wooden trumpet)
- dudka sonsowa (spruce pipe)
- odpustowe ptaszki (wake clay whistles)
- dzwonki klapace (klapace bells)
- barokowe flety blokowe (baroque fipple flutes)
- bambusowy flet poprzeczny (bamboo transverse flute)
- duduk ormianski (Armenian oboe)
- glos (voice)
Waldemar Rychly - gitary (guitars)
Andrzej Trzeciak - wilonczela (viol), bebny (drums), glos (voice)


cover photo Chagall - I and village - 1910

Our music is based on  elements of original Slavic melodies, written down in 19th century by a famous Polish folk music researcher, Oskar Kolberg.
Several original Slavic instruments were used in our recordings, of which Wielkopolska drone pipes, ancient Slavic panpipes, and a Kurpie wooden trumpet are only examples.  A classical cello and guitar were also used.
This booklet contains notes recording themes that inspired us, and a map on which you can find places in old Poland where the tunes originated.
We feel that in our music ancient themes have acquired a new age aura.  Traditional Slavic melodies empowered with our inspiration gained pristine strength and a new harmony.

Air Guitar Magazine - Bass Is The Place

1. el mariachi vs the space rusyn
2. Ukrainian bass fishing
3. big fur(r)y hat
4. this song is called track 3
5. stand (sit) up (down) & (&) tellem (listen) yourfrom (to) pittsburgh (brian)
6. this song is called track 1
7. rusyns into syxx
8. gone in 30sec aka possession w/ intent to rock
9. fear the reefer


Ukrainian bass fishing
j. dub wilk - trumets/tambourine/screams
backhairbrian - trumpet bigranchero-bass/instigator/melodica
dissappearo - drums
recorded by jason kirker @thebrass factory
mixed by greg cislon and dave bernabo w/agm@thebrass factory
all of this was done in the august of 2005
mastered by mr. carl saff
artwork hand drawn by jen cooney
budai4posters, air, hwhite, tomb, jerryjumba4rusynsuppuort, ourselves, nathan snyder, miket, ange,zada,...


The Ukrainians - Nothing Compares To You

1. Nothing Compares 2 U - radio edit
2. Sign of the Times
3. Purple Rain
4. Nothing Compares 2 U - U got the Ukе mix

Purple Rain


All songs by Prince
Warner Chappel Music
Controversy Music administered by WB Music Corp. ASCAP

Produced by Harri Kakoulli
Recorded at Woodlands, England
Mastered by Jay Burnett at Node Recording, London
The Ukrainians are Len Liggins & Peter Solowka
Thanks to Ukrainian Group 'The Spookie Kookies' for backing vocals
To be included on the mailing list write to
The Ukrainians, PO Box 67, Leeds LS5 3TE, England
for more about us and what we do, visit our web site at www.ukrgrp.com
A new cossack generation production
1998 Cooking Vinyl Made in England

Mniejszosci narodowe i etniczne w Polsce cz. 1 - National and Ethnic Minorities in Poland, Part 1

Lemkowie - Beskid Niski - Lemkos - The Lower Beskid
1. Powedu konyka - I will lead my horse
2. Takum sobi fraireczku dostal - This sweetheart of mine
3. Piesni weselne do blogoslawienstwa - Wedding songs for the blessing
4. Ideme my z komoroczki - piesni oczepinowe - We came out of the chamber - capping songs
5. Jak sia budut wyberaty - weselna na przenosiny - When I go - a wedding song for farewell of the bride
6. Zrodyly sia terky - The sloe plum crop is good
7. Jak Panna Maryja po switu chodyla - religijna - When Virgin Mary wandered throught the world - a religious song
8. Salve, Salve ty Fedore - Slave, salve, Fedor
9. Powidaly szczdracy - recytacja szczodrakowa - The shchodraks said - a "shchodraky" recitation
10. W hlubokij dolyni zwizda sia zjawyla - koleda - A star appeared over a deep valley - a carol
11. Winczuju wam gazdynyczko myla - winszowanie - May I wish you all the best - a wishing song
Bojkowie - Bieszczady - Boykos - Bieszczady Mountains
12. Kolomyjka - Kolomyyka
13. Oberek starodawny - An old-style oberek
14. Hej spiwanojky moji - przyspiewki weselne - Oh, my songs - wedding couplets
15. Piesni weselne do blogoslawienstwa - Wedding songs for the blessing
16. Tam na horcojci dwa sokolojky - szczyndrak - Two falcons on the hill - shchyndrak ( a carol)
18. Kunec hrabaniu, kunec - zniwna - The raking up is over - a harvest song
19. Placzaca skrzypka - polka - A crying fiddle - polka
20. Stary kozaczok - An old-style cosacks
21. Kolomyjka - Kolomyyka
Ludnosc Ukrainska z Nadsznia - Ukrainian People of the San-River Area
22. Walczyk - mazurek z Teniatysk - Waltz-mazurka from Teniatyska
23. Muzyczki hrajte - kolomyjka - Let the music play - a kolomyyka
24. Piszol Wladziuniu - melodie szczodrakowe - Vladek went to - shchodrak tunes
25. Klanajesi syritko - weselna dla sieroty - Bow and scrape - a wedding song for an orphan
26a. Do slubojku idemo - weselna - We go to wed - a wedding song
26b. Rozcwytaly fijaloczki - hahulka - Violets blossom - a "hahulka" song
Ukraincy i Ludnosc Ukrainskojezyczna z Podlasia Poludniowego - Ukrainians and the Ukrainian speaking people from the Southern Podlasie
27. Oj, zalila wsi luhy - piesn liryczna - Oh, all the meadows have been swamped - a lyrical song
28. Oj, letily zurawli - piesn liryczna - Cranes were flying by - a lyrical song
29. Polozu kladku oj na murawku - wlodarka - I put a foot-bridge in the grass - a "wlodarka" song
30. Oj ty Iwane, Podolane - sobotkowa (na Kuple) - A summer soltice song
31. Wasylowa maty - piesn na huhoty - The Basil's mother - a song for "huhoty"
32. Oj korowaju, korowaju - piesni korowajowe - Korowai - (ritual cake) songs
Ukraincy, Ludnosc Ukrainsko- i Bialoruskojezyczna Podlasia Polnocnego - Ukrainians and the Ukrainian- and Belorussian-speaking People from the Northen Podlasie
33. Dbajte druzyczky, dbajte - korowajowa - Take care, bridesmaids, a korowai (ritual cake) song
34. Piesni weselne przed wyjazdem to slubu - Wedding songs before going to church
35. Ne ijdy doszczyku - rohulka - Oh rain, please don't come - a "rohulka" song
36. Swiatyj Jure Ryhore - rohulka - On the Saint George's Day - a "rohulka" song
37. Oj czyjaz to woloka - zniwna - Whose field is this - a harvest song
38. Kazut ludy czto ja umru - pogrzebowa - They say I'm dying - a funeral song
39. Lli, luli, luli - kolysanka - Lullaby
40. Jawor nad wodoju - piesn milosna - Sycamore on the water - a love song
Bialorusini i Ludnosc Bialoruskojezyczna z Podlasia Polnocnego - Belorussians and the Belorussian speaking people from the Northen Podlasie
41. Jedziesz dziewonka ty do wienczania - weselna - Oh girl, you are going to mary - a wedding song
42. Och, wy kumenki, daj halubenki - chrzcinowa - The godparents - a baptismal song
43. Oj, wylec, wylec jasny sakole - dozynkowa - Fly, fly, oh my falcon - a harvest festival song
44. Tam kala mostu - syraja huska (wiosenna) - At the bridge a "syraya huska" spring song
45. Chodzic pawa pa hulicy - konopielka - A peacock is walking on the lane - a konopielka song

Dumka - Takum sobi fraireczku dostal

Wybor i opracowanie - Artistic supervision, selection and commentary - Anna Borucka-Szotkowska, Anna Szewczuk-Czech
Redakcja - Edited by Jan Popis, Magdalena Kawczynska
Konsultacja - Consultant - Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Bartminski
Tlumaczenie - Translated int English by Ewa Dahlig
Mastering by Dorota Blaszczak
Projekt graficzny - Design by Mars & Venus - Piotr Rosinski
Fotografie - Photos by Krzysztof Gromek, Krzysztof Hejke, Anna Borucka-Szotkowska, Anna Sewczuk-Czech, Elzbieta Strzelecka, Priotr Kuziak


Zrealizowano przy Pomocy Ministerstwa Kultury i Sztuki
This recording was made possible by funding from The Ministry of Culture and Art
1999 Polskie Radio SA
PRCD 162


Milos Zelenak - Rusnacke - Ruthenian

1. Byla jedna hrilicka
2. Oj corna, ze ja corna
3. A na hori kukuricka
4. Nerubaj l'iscinu
5. Holosocku moho
6. Tam za l'isom
7. Ze solnce nizenko
8. Mala baba kurku
9. Ty skazala
10. Oj pomerla bidna maty
11. Pecena oliva a z plnene pirohy

Oj pomerla bidna maty

Aranzma: Milos Zeleznak
1-10 L'udove piesne
11 Hudba: Milos Zeleznak

Milos Zeleznak: akusticke, elekrtricke gitary, mandolina, buzuki, banjo, priecna flanta, perkusje, loop station
Kristian Bujak: gajdy
Michal Balla: sopran saxofon, klarinet

Nahrane v studiu Milana Tokolyho Trnava a Lux Bratislava(2.,8.)
Mixaz a mastering: Milan Tokoly, Milos Zeleznak
Foto: rodinny archiv M. Zeleznaka, Daniela Kapralova
Design a foto abalu: Maria Rojka


Milos Zeleznak 2008
Hevhetia 2008
Hevhetia HV 0029-331

Venujem tete Anci


Дарка і Славко - Ретроперспектива - Darka & Slavko - Retro Perspective

1. Тихо падає цвіт - Blossoms - Bohachuk/Dominchen
2. Червона рута - Red Rue - Ivasiuk
3. Мамо - Mama - Bohachuk/Jurkiw
4. Хвилина - Moment - Halatyn/Brytan
5. Хто врятує душу цю? - Who will save this soul - Halatyn/Brytan
6. На травмайні зупинці - At the Trolley Stop - Bratunia/Kos-Anatolsky
7. Котику - Kotyku - Ukrainian folk song
8. Біля тебе - Beside You - Halatyn/Brytan
9. Щастя - Joy - Konopada/Halatyn/Brytan
10. Повір - Believe - Konopada/Halatyn/Brytan
11. Співці - People of Song - Konopada/Halatyn/Brytan
12. Крилато полети - On Wings - Halatyn/Brytan
13. Ромеова посилка - Romeo's Message - Halatyn/Brytan
14. Я знов тобі - Again (live) - Wesolovsky
15. Неспокій - Yearning (live)  - Lutsenko/Vermenych
16. Ти з любови собі не жартуй - Don't Laugh at Love (live) - Wesolovsky
17. Помінь сонця - Promin Sonstya - Krutiak

All songs BeSharp Records, except
Tracks 4-6 1989 Yershan Communications, Inc.
Track 7 1992 Mo Productions
Track 17 1979 Dub Records Ltd, Chicago, IL

Produced by: Darka & Slavko
Executive Producers: Darka K. Stebivka and Slau Halatyn
Cover Design: Darka K. Stebivka and Brooke Jones
Graphics Design: Brooke Jones
Photography: Miri Stebivka(back); Darka & Slavko(inside)

Tracks 1-7 recorded at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Tracks 8-17 recorded at BSharp Studios, Astoria, NY
Engineered by Slau Halatyn
Track 17 "Promin Sontsya" Additional engineering by Brian Daste at THe Magic Closet, Portland, OR.  Mastered by Andy Wilson at Masterdisk, NY
Darka - vocals, Slavko - guitars and vocals, Kefin Roth - drums
2012 Besharp Records.  All rights reserved.