Monday, October 7, 2013

Experimental Bandura Trio - Andrec Kytasty Fedynsky

1. Mosaic - Michael Andrec
2. Hunter Nocturne - EBT
3. Nova Radist Variations - Michael Andrec
4. Osogovsko Oro - trad. Macedonian/EBT
5. Hunter Nocturne II - EBT
6. Dumadance - Ostap Veresai/EBT
7. Dr. Shtok Makes Hausecalls - Julian Kytasty/EBT
8. Canticle - Michael Andrec
9. Passacaglia - Julian Kytasty
10. Kobzar Trance - EBT

Hunter Nocturne

On March 29 1957 Dr. Zynovij Shtokalko, one of the great bandurists of twentieth century, went into the basement of his Brooklyn apartment, picked up his bandura and turned on the tape recorder.  Forty years later the resulting music, Atonal Etudes 1 & 2, became the inspiration and starting point for this project.

The bandura is a string instrument originating in Ukraine, where blind bards (kobzari) used it to accompany thir epic songs.  For the last three years Michael Andrec, Jurij Fedynsky, and Julian Kytasty have worked together as the Experimental Bandura Trio to develop a contemporary musical language for this ancient instrument.  This CD is the product of those sessions.

Our sincere thanks to:
New York Bandura Ensemble
Yara Arts Group and Nova Nomada
Kobzarska Sich and the Emlenton Music Festival
Henry and Christina Sheldon
Alex and Irene Kuzma
Volodymyr and Eudokia Luchkan
Tristra Newyear and Ilya Temkin
Levko Maistrenko
Dr. Zynovij Shtokalko (1920-1968)

Recorded August 1998 at UMK Studio NYC and July 1999 Hunter NY by Alex Kytasty and Levko Maistrenko
Mixed and mastered by Alex Kytasty
Final mastering by Jerry Halatyn 
Design by Ilya Temkin
A PRB production 2000
Experimental Bandura Trio
138 2nd Ave., NY NY 10003
All rights reserved

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