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Ізмарагд - Ізмарагд

Side 1
1. Хтось мою жінку вкрав - Somebody stole my wife
2. Ти до мене не ходи - Don't call me on
3. Ой чий то кінь стоїть - The solitary steed
4. Верба - The willow
5. Сон - A dream
6. Пісня буде поміж нас - Unforgettable melody

Side 2
1. Шовкова косиця - The magic flower
2. Некохання - Unloved
3. Червона рута - Red ruta
4. Яблуні в цвіту - Apple blossoms
5. Ізмарагд - Izmarahd


Jurij R. Hirniak - Woodwinds
Arkady Bulochenko - Bass
Oksana Borbycz-Korduba - Lead vocals
Volodymyr Bulochenko - Piano, synthesizer, organ, vocals
Thomas J. Hrubec - Percussion

Producer: Izmarahd Recordings
Cover design: Izmarahd Recordings
Album Layout: Irene Rahalewicz
Photography: James E. Mazzone

Special Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. S.Hrubec
Saddle Brook, N.J.
AMS Recording 201-254-0061

Primrose Trio - Plays Ukrainian Folk Songs

Side 1
1. Stans Waltz
2. Willow Creek Polka
3. Bills Polka
4. Ukrainian Foxtrot
5. Harkan
6. Kolomayka

Side 2
1. Butterfly
2. Dulsmir Polka
3. Green Lawn Waltz
4. Swedish Polka
5. Willow Creek Waltz
6. Key Of A Polka

Dulsmir Polka

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Tommy Buick - Presents a Ukrainian Wedding
Mickey and Bunny - This Land Is Your Land and other top hit songs in Ukrainian and English
Mickey and Bunny - Ukrainian Country Music with Tony Roman and The D-Drifters-5

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Водограй - Їдемо Грати

Side 1
1. Їдемо Грати
2. В’язанка Вальчиків
3. Надії Життя
4. Скінчив Я Вже Роботу

Side 2
1. Краплі Дощу
2. Пішла Я Раз На Забаву
3. Пісня
4. На Добраніч
5. Водограй

Скінчив я вже роботу

Надії життя

Stefan Shcherby
Yury Furda
Irka Danyliw
Walter Mosuriak
Walter Mosuriak Zuki
Olesh Furda

Recorded at Systems II
Engineer - Joe Mariciano
Asst. Engineers - Oscar Gerardo, Nancy Goll
Recorded & Cover Production - A1 Sound Studio
Cover Design - Julie Holowka
Photographers - Michael Paraszczak, Michael Mychajluk
Photo Montage - Julie Holowka, Yury Furda
Insert Calligraphy - Yury Furda

Special Thanks to:
Walter Kira, Boris Kowal, Bohdan Pridka, Orchestra Lubystok, Slawka & Nick Laba, Walter Keabalo, & Julie

We would especially like to thank our parents for their patience & understanding throughout the production of this album.

Thanks to everyone who in any way helped us throughout the years.

1979 Vodohray Productions, New York

Kyivsky Waltz and Other Ukrainian Songs

Side 1
1. Kyivsky Waltz
2. Chestnut Trees In Bloom - Bili Kashtany
3. Sunset In Ukraine - Sontze Nyzenko
4. "Cherevychky" - Yak By Meni Cherevychky
5. Unforgettable Waltz - Nezabutny Waltz
6. Moon On The Sky - Misyats Na Nebi
Side 2
1. Marichka
2. Hovering Fog In The Valley - Tuman Yarom
3. The Muddy River - Choho Z Voda Kalamutna
4. On The Market Place - Oy Tam Na Tochku Na Basari
5. Walk With Me, My Darling - Khodimo Kokhana V Lis
6. Student Waltz

Туман Яром

Тече Вода Каламутна

Rusalka Records, Presed in Canada


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Цікава стаття про Володимира Луціва

Українець переміг у Євробаченні ще в 1961!!!

Alexis Kochan - Budyk - Царівна

A selection of Ukrainian ritualistic songs arranged and conducted by Arthur Polson

Side A
1. Благослови Мати - The Call for Spring
2. Царівна - Czarivna
3. Покладу я - Oksanna
4. Вербовая Дощечка - Footbridge
5. Вийди Іванку - Ivan
6. Ой Вербо - Oh Willow
7. Кривий Танок - Crooked Dance (Ivana Kupala)
8. Ой Посію Рожу - Sowing of the Rose
9. Купала На Йвана - Kupala
Side B
1. Та Ходила Уляночка - Ulianna
2. Марина - Maryna (Violin Solo-Arthur Polson)
3. Купала На Йвана - Rituals of Ivana Kupala (Wedding songs)
4. Сірі Гусі - Silver Geese
5. Думай Марусе - Marika
6. Що Й У Недільоньку Рано - Sunday Morning
7. Ой Глянь Мати - Mother, Gaze at Me
8. Та Прощай Прощай Ти Марійко - Marika's Parting


Покладу я

Alexis Kochan-Budyk is a Winnipegger of Ukrainian descent. Several years ago, she studied music in Kiev with the folk ensemble, Veryovka. This experience stimulated interest in researching early Ukrainian folk songs dating back to pre-Christian times. Ms. Kochan-Budyk felt that the preservation of this uncommon music was important because it reflected many of the rich traditions and rituals of the
Ukrainian culture. The early folk songs she selected for this album - Czarivna - illustrate many of the important customs still observed by modern Ukrainians.
The collection of songs on this album strongly reflects the importance of the seasons in Ukrainian culture. Since Ukraine is and was primarily agricultural society, much of life's important activities, such as social gatherings, courting, marriages, and festivals were held during the most productive times of the year: spring, summer, and autumn. Each season was celebrated by festivals, dances, and songs laden with rich symbols and rituals.
The first season of the year, spring, was marked by a large number of folk songs pertaining to the earth and rebirth. The change from winter to spring marked the fertility and rebirth of the soil. The first song on side one of the album, The Call for Spring, is a call by the woman of the village to spring itself: "Give the
blessing Mother(nature)/ call in spring, see off winter." The calling of life is a foremost here, but more importantly, it was done by women, symbols of fertility themselves. The sooner spring came, the sooner crops could be planted. To increase the tempo of the oncoming spring, formed by the men of the villages. The Czarivna and Footbridge, both spring games, the purpose was not only to hurry the arrival of the season, but also to initiate courting. Spring was the season of wooing, when promises of love where intermingled with promises of life. Hopefully, the wooing ended in marriage. Oksanna and Ivan, both deal with the theme of marriage and fertility symbolized by a myrtle wreath.
The courting games continued well into the summer, reaching their pinnacle with the midsummer festival of Ivana Kupala. Ivana Kupala, the festival of the sun god, was celebrated by an evening of magic, superstition, mating games, and fire and water
rituals. However, this festival was more than just merry abandonment. In its symbols of fire, water and nature, the promises of love, matchmaking, and marriage were intensified, especially so for women. The color red, as in the red rose of Sowing of the Rose, the red berries of Kupala, and the red shoes of Ulianna suggest passion, if not definite eroticism. In Maryna, young woman make wreaths from the roses and myrtle, then ritually dance around a tree (a symbol of growth and life). The symbolism of the rose is combined of that of water in the Sowing of the Rose. Here a young woman begs for rain so that her rose might bloom - so that her wish for love might end with marriage. This wish for marriage was stronger among women then men. A woman not chose in midsummer was left alone again for another fall and winter. Promises of love were not fulfilled. This tragedy is reflected in Kupala where only Mary does not pick the red berries. In Rituals of Ivana Kupala, only one young woman meets disaster in a matchmaking game by the river. Yet, others, as in Ulianna, are fortunate, for the end of the summer brings them the promise of marriage.
Most marriage ceremonies would usually take place during the early fall. Though wedding celebrations were stereotype as joyous occasions, many of the wedding folk songs were morose. Sung by the future bride, the songs lament the woman's loss of youth and the separation from the family. Frequently, these laments were not expressions of real fear, but only rituals used to express respect for the original family unit. The folk song Marika expresses both the respect and the fear of separation by offering the young woman an alternative: "Mrika - think it over, while you still have a chance and you're happy." Whereas in Sunday Morning the young bride asks her brother to rescue her from her fate.
Not all songs expressed fear of marriage. Many revealed anticipation of the future wedding change of status, and new family. In Mother, Gaze at Me, the ritual combing of the braid signifies that the young girl shall very soon be a "hospodinya", a married woman:
"Gaze at me Mother
All my friends are wearing braids,
Dew fell on my braid, so I must comb it out."
Finally she will be the wife of the young man idealized in the early wedding song Silver Geese.
However, this happiness is short-lived. Marika's Parting, the farewell song sung at the end of the wedding drama, brings back a note of sandess to the celebrations. The loss of the bride's freedom is reaffirmed by the young husband who is now "hospodar", master of the house:
"It's not for intimacy that I marry her,
But to say whether or not she may go dancing."
This loss of freedom was not surprise to the young bride. Through the songs, dances and rituals of each season, she was prepared for the fate.

Arthur Ploson is a noted Canadian violonist, composer and conductor. He is presently Concert Master of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Orchestra, and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. He has worked extensively in many CBC broadcasts for radio and television and is a member of the Canadian League of Composers and the Composers Authors and Publishers Association of Canada. His most recent work includes a concerto written for Roman Parcells which has been performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.
Mr. Polson's arrangements for this album took two months to complete. The interludes to Call for Spring and Crooked Dances, as well as the 'Chimes' preluding Silver Geese are all original compositions by Mr. Polson composed specifically for this album.

Official Website - Веб сайт Олесі Кохан

Arthur Polson - Leader/Violin
Alexis Kochan-Budyk - Vocals/Vocals Overdubs
Rennie Regehr - Viola
Bryan Epperson - Cello
Laurel Ridd - Flute/Piccolo
Kenneth Strahl - Horn
Gregory Hodgson - Timpani/Percussion
Jonathan Jensen - Bass
Mark Friedman - Violin
Douglas Bairstow - Oboe/English Horn
All the players on this album are associated with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Produced by Alexis Kochan-Budyk with Arthur Polson.
Orchestral Arrangements and Direction - Arthur Polson
Recorded and mixed at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Engineered by Ralph Watts
Design and Art Direction - Walter Kulyk
Photography - James Hammel
Recording Studio Photography - Garry Budyk
Hand Colouring - Walter Kulyk
Calligraphy - Walter Kulyk
Ethnographic Material - Oleh Ilnytzkyj
Narrative - Christina Bylyna-Klymkiw.
Music Copyist - Wilf Jones
Typography B/W Type Service
Separations and Negatives - Jack Berger Ltd.

Special Thanks to:
Multiculturalism Program, Government of Canada
Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre (Oseredok), Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko
Ukrainian National Federation - St. Boniface Branch

Additional Thanks to:
Walter Klymkiw, Robert Klymasz, Oleh Ilnytzkyj, Myron Spolsky, Vasyl Balan, Risia Sytnick, Cecil Semchyshyn, Walter Kulyk, James Hammel, Garry Budyk, Christina Bylyna-Klymki, Ray Bryk, Andrew Serray, and Andrew Ogaranko

My Love to:
Nestor, my Mom and Dad, my parents-in-law and Donna

This album is dedicated to our grandparents.

All the prepared arrangements and the complete original lyrics may be found at the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba (all rights reserved)

Yevshan Records (YFP 1030)
Executive Producer - Bohdan Tymyc
Manufactured and distributed by Yevshan Communications Inc. 1983, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Olesia Productions 1982, Capac

Solovey - Соловей

Сторона 1
1. Соловей - слова і музика Віктор Ліщина
2. Ганю - Народня пісня
3. Мала я мужа - Народня пісня
My lazy husband
4. Вже осінь іде - Слова І. Шанковський
The autumn leaves
5. Галю - Народня пісня
Сторона 2
1. Як сонце зайде - В’язанка народніх пісень
Sunset - Waiting by the window
2. Волиняночка - Слова і музика О. Каліщук
3. Циганочки (Циганочка-Морганочка) - Слова і музика І. Шанковський
The Gypsy Girls
4. Ворожка - Народня пісня
The fortuneteller


Ми присвячуємо цю платівку нашим батькам і родинам за їхню терпеливість,
заохочування, та підртимку нашої оркестри на протязі останніх років.
An appreciation for their patience, encouragement, and support throughout the years, we dedicate this album to our parents and friends.

Peter Bayrachny - Accordion, keyboards, vocals
Vic Lishchyna - Electric bass, mandolin, piano, vocals
Bill Hawryschuk - Drums, percussion
Roman Showkewych - Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Sam Ierullo - Alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Art and design concept - Larissa Jaskewysz
Recorded at Studio 306, Toronto - engineered by Bob Cobban and Bill Hawryschuk
Also special thanks to Ukrainian Caravan Restaurants and all our dear friends who have always faithfully supported us.
We'd like to hear your comments regarding this album (Mississauga, Ont)
A Solovey Production

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Kuban Cossacs - Beat of the Ukraine

Сторона 1
1. Розцвітала тоді калина - Those were the Days

2. Гей там на Кубані - Cossacks of Kuban
3. Гопак (інстр.) - Hopak (instr.)
4. Черемшина - The Wild Cherry Tree
5. Їхав козак за Дунай - The Cossack's Farewell
6. Дивлюсь я на небо (інстр.) - I Gaze at the Sky (instr.)
7. Ой ти дівчино - Oh My Darling

Сторона 2
1. Кобзар - Kobzar!
2. Наш отаман Гамалія - Otaman Hamalya
3. Дощик (інстр.) - Raindrops! (instr.)
4. Сусідко - My Pretty Neighbour

5. Ой хмелю мій хмелю - Oy Khmelyu
6. Ой не ходи Грицю (інстр.) - Don't go! (instr.)
7. Рідна мати моя - Mother of Mine
8. Джигун! - The Gallant Fellow


The Kuban Cossacks, Sashko and Mykola Koumpan and Viktor Swird have sung, danced and played their way into fame, delighting audiences of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America and South America. Their roots are deep in Ukraine, their Cossack ancestors once lived in the Kuban area of Ukraine, that region of wild steppes, whose people cherish independence and freedom. The trio's singing and dancing is truly representative of its Cossacks forebearers.

Cover design - Bill Harasymchuk
Arrangements - Dmytro Moshniaha and M. Kouban
Producer - Roy Kostuk
Distributor - Aremkay Records, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Harmony Records, Toronto, Ontario, Canada HRS 1079

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Черемшина - Cheremshyna


1. Ой на горі дощ іде
Its raining in the mountains

instr. arr. Czerny, Bednarczyk, Kinal
Ukr. Folk Song

2. Ой там за лісочком
There beyond the woods
instr. arr. Bendarczyk, Kinal, Czerny
Ukr. Folk Song

3. Гуси летіли
The geese were flying

instr. arr. Czerny, Bednarczyk

Lyrics D. Lutsenko, music A. Pashekvych
4. Ой ти місяцю
Oh moonlight

instr arr. Bednarczyk, Czerny
Ukr. Folk Song
5. Ой при лужку
By the meadow
instr. arr. Bednarczyk, Czerny, Kinal
Ukr. Folk Song
6. Кому ж кому судилася From whom was I destined
instr. arr. Bednarczyk, Czerny, Kinal
Lyrics B. Ten, music Y. Slota

1. Коло млина кременина
By the mill
instr. arr. Bednarczyk
Ukr. Folk Song
2. Мамина вишня
The cherry tree
instr. arr. Bednarczyk, Czerny
vocal arr. by Claudia Melnyk
Lyrics D. Lutsenko, music A. Pashkevych
3. Ой гаю мій гаю
My Grove
Ukr. Folk Song
4. Світи, світи місяченьку
Oh, shinning moon
Sung by Melnyk & Bednarczyk
instr. arr. Czerny
Ukr. Folk Song
5. Не лай мене моя ненько
Mother, don't scold me
instr. arr. Czerny, Bednarczyk
Ukr. Folk Song
6. Над прозорою криницею
Above the crystal springs
instr. arr. Bednarczyk, Czerny
Music O. Bilash

Ой при лужку

Ой ти місяцю

Cheremshyna! A sensitive blend of traditional & the contemporary. Cheremshyna! A superb combination of the old and the new. Cheremshyna! A unique expression of joy and sorrow, of beauty & love.
Claudia Melnyk (1st alto), Lydia Ruditsch (2nd alto), Nadine Zwetkow (soprano). The Cheremshyna vocal ensemble was formed in 1977 and is well-established in the Montreal Ukrainian community. Cheremshyna's success on The Sviato Rizdva (1981) recording, resulted in numerous performances - including a concert at the Centennial Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a Christmas concert for The governor-general of Canada.
Черемшина! Чутливе поєднання традиції і сучасности. Черемшина! Виняткове сполучення минулого з новим. Черемшина! Надзвичайний вираз радости й смутку, краси й любови української пісні. Клавдія Мельник (1-ий альт), Лідія Рудич (2-ий альт), Надія
Цвітков (сопрано) - це Черемшина! Створений в 1977р. - вокальний ансамбль є широко-знаний на терені Монтреалу.
У наслідок їхнього успіху на пластинці Свято Різдва (1981) ансамбль Черемшина був запрошений на численні виступи між якими були: концерт в Театрі Сентенєл Вінніпег, Манітоба, як також і різдв’яний концерт перед генеральним губернатором Канади, в його резиденції, Оттава, Онтаріо.

Marko Bednarczyk: Guitars (classical, six-string, twelve-string). Bednarczyk has been Cheremshyna's accompanist since 1981 and has performed with the ensemble in their numerous appearances in Montreal and across Canada. Bednarczyk participated in the production of Sviato Rizdva (1981) recording as principal guitarist.
Andrij Czerny: Keyboards (accordion, piano, organ, Juno-60, Arp synthesizer). This keyboard virtuoso is a member of the Veselka ensemble of Montreal. Czerny's talents have been displayed on several popular Ukrainian recordings, including: Veselka Vol.1 (1979), Veselka Vol.2(1981), Todaschuk Sisters (1983) and Ukrainian Dances (1983).
Bill Kinal: Bass. After a stint as accordionist for Samotsvit, Kinal joined the Veselka Ensemble as bss guitarist. This multi-talented performer has several recordings to his credit: Samotsvit Vol.1(1979), Zoloti Vorota(1980) and Tosaschuk Sisters(1983).
Geoffrey D. Lang: Drums, Percussion. Lang is a member of 1945, a Montreal based performing group and is known for his extensive studio work, including Ukrainian
Dances (1983).
Paul Hein: Piano. an accomplished jazz pianist, Hein has performed in various Montreal clubs. His sensitive playing was one of the highlights of the Cheremshyna performance in Winnipeg (1981).

Vocal arrangements by Cheremshyna vocal ensemble.
Special thanks to Wasyl Wolosczuk and to Bob McKinnon for their assistance in rehearsal and studio.
Yevshan Communications Inc. 1983, Montreal, Quebec
Color and film preparation by Kalligrapfia Inc.
Produced by Bohdan Tymyc
Sound Engineered by Glen Robinson
Mastering at Audiobec
Cover concept & design by Bohdan Tymyc
Photography by Irene Photo Studio
Recorded at Sons Soleil Sound Studio, Montreal, Quebec, July 1983
YFP 1023

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Rushnychok - Volume Two

Side One
1. Засвистали козаченьки - The Whistling Kozaks
2. Чабан - Chaban
3. Місяць на небі - The Moon in the Sky
4. Мої ясени - Moyi Yaseny
5. Чорні очка як терен - Eyes as Dark as the Soil
Side Two
1. Ой що ж то за шум - The Mosquito and the Fly
2. Лицар - Lytsar
3. Ой видно село - I Can See the Village
4. На долині туман - A Mist in the Valley
5. Буря - The Storm
6. Земле моя - My Homeland

Місяць на небі

Created for SAGE PROMOTIONS by:
Sound Engineer: John Curl
Photography: Irene Photo Studios
Cover Design: Stepan Andrusiak
Recorded in Canada by RCA Limited

Рушничок Rushnychok Volume One (in Stereo) is also now on sale.
Ask for it wherever Ukrainian records are sold
Rushnychok, Lachine, Quebec
Made in /Fabrique au Canada