Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rushnychok - Volume Two

Side One
1. Засвистали козаченьки - The Whistling Kozaks
2. Чабан - Chaban
3. Місяць на небі - The Moon in the Sky
4. Мої ясени - Moyi Yaseny
5. Чорні очка як терен - Eyes as Dark as the Soil
Side Two
1. Ой що ж то за шум - The Mosquito and the Fly
2. Лицар - Lytsar
3. Ой видно село - I Can See the Village
4. На долині туман - A Mist in the Valley
5. Буря - The Storm
6. Земле моя - My Homeland

Місяць на небі

Created for SAGE PROMOTIONS by:
Sound Engineer: John Curl
Photography: Irene Photo Studios
Cover Design: Stepan Andrusiak
Recorded in Canada by RCA Limited

Рушничок Rushnychok Volume One (in Stereo) is also now on sale.
Ask for it wherever Ukrainian records are sold
Rushnychok, Lachine, Quebec
Made in /Fabrique au Canada

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