Saturday, February 19, 2011

Водограй - Їдемо Грати

Side 1
1. Їдемо Грати
2. В’язанка Вальчиків
3. Надії Життя
4. Скінчив Я Вже Роботу

Side 2
1. Краплі Дощу
2. Пішла Я Раз На Забаву
3. Пісня
4. На Добраніч
5. Водограй

Скінчив я вже роботу

Надії життя

Stefan Shcherby
Yury Furda
Irka Danyliw
Walter Mosuriak
Walter Mosuriak Zuki
Olesh Furda

Recorded at Systems II
Engineer - Joe Mariciano
Asst. Engineers - Oscar Gerardo, Nancy Goll
Recorded & Cover Production - A1 Sound Studio
Cover Design - Julie Holowka
Photographers - Michael Paraszczak, Michael Mychajluk
Photo Montage - Julie Holowka, Yury Furda
Insert Calligraphy - Yury Furda

Special Thanks to:
Walter Kira, Boris Kowal, Bohdan Pridka, Orchestra Lubystok, Slawka & Nick Laba, Walter Keabalo, & Julie

We would especially like to thank our parents for their patience & understanding throughout the production of this album.

Thanks to everyone who in any way helped us throughout the years.

1979 Vodohray Productions, New York

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  1. Great blog! This information is needed as much of this music which was a great part of the Ukie scene in North America in the latter part of the 20th century is not recorded/presented anywhere. Your sound clips are terrific! Although a little of the music is available on iTunes, and some more is on hurtom.toloka, most is only available on the old vinyl LPs.
    Thank you!