Monday, January 5, 2015

Yana - Christmas is Rizdvo


1. По Всьому Світу - Around the world
2. Щедрик - Shchedryk
3. Тихая Ніч - Silent Night
4. Три Славнії Царі - Three Great Kings
5. Christmas time in Town

Yana - vocak/keyboard
Ken Burton - acoustic guitar/bass guitar
Michael Thompson - percussion
Cody Gamracy - bass guitar
Vladimir Trofimov - electric guitar
Produced and Mixed Tracks #2. З - Michael Тhompson at Clubhouse Studio in Regina. Canada
Tracks ft. 4- Ken Burton at KB Studios in Regina. Canada
Trade #5 - Vladimir Trofimov & Yanina Bilyk at Trofimoff Studios in Netishyn Ukraine
Mastered by Jason Plumb at Studio One in Regina. Canada 

A Special Thank You goes to my wonderful parents for their love and support, Tatyana and Aleksandr Bilyk, and my younger sister Inga Bilyk.  I am also thankful to Regina Sagal-Hendry and her husband - Garth Hendry, for helping me to immigrate to Canada and making me feel like I am coming to a second home. Thank you, Reg Forbes, my good friend, for taking me on hikes to see the unheard beauty of forests and mountains of Western Canada.  I'd also like to thank the beautiful Solheim family - Таrа, Christa. Erie, Sharon and Dave. thanks for your friendship and support. As well my thanks go out to Anna Ray Bagdasarian, for always being a true friend and for creating the cover an design for this CD. I would also like to express my deeper appreciation and thanks to my
colleagues - the incredibly talented musicians - Mike Thompson, Kenny Burton, Vova Trofimov, Cody Gamracy and Jason Plumb. Special thanks are extended to the Saskatchewan's Ukrainian community. I couldn't  have released this CD without your support! Specifically, I am grateful to Ed Lysyk, Marlene Romanuck, and members of the Canadian Congress Saskatchewan Provincial Council the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Regina Branch, the Ukrainians Women's Association of Canada and the Ukrainian Orthodox Men's Association of Regina Thank you kindly, my friends and listeners. Have a heartwarming Christmas!
Graphic Design Anna Ray Bagdasarian Photo Tim Thurmeier