Monday, October 7, 2013

Air Guitar Magazine - Bass Is The Place

1. el mariachi vs the space rusyn
2. Ukrainian bass fishing
3. big fur(r)y hat
4. this song is called track 3
5. stand (sit) up (down) & (&) tellem (listen) yourfrom (to) pittsburgh (brian)
6. this song is called track 1
7. rusyns into syxx
8. gone in 30sec aka possession w/ intent to rock
9. fear the reefer


Ukrainian bass fishing
j. dub wilk - trumets/tambourine/screams
backhairbrian - trumpet bigranchero-bass/instigator/melodica
dissappearo - drums
recorded by jason kirker @thebrass factory
mixed by greg cislon and dave bernabo w/agm@thebrass factory
all of this was done in the august of 2005
mastered by mr. carl saff
artwork hand drawn by jen cooney
budai4posters, air, hwhite, tomb, jerryjumba4rusynsuppuort, ourselves, nathan snyder, miket, ange,zada,...


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