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Joan Karasevich - Reflections

Side One
1. Думи Мої - My Thoughts - Doomeh Moyee
Words: T. Shevchenko
The writer muses on the fate of his poetry. He hopes his thoughts may reach his homeland to be heard and received with love and honour, though he remains in exile.
2. Нащо мені чорні брови - Where Have They Gone - Nashcho Manyee Chorni Broveh
Words: T. Shevchenko - Musics: W. Zaremba
"Of what use is my beauty if my destiny is to be alone among strangers; an orphan longing for home."
3. Білі Каштани - Spring In Kiev - Belee Kashtaneh
Words: A. Malushka - Musics: P. Mayboroda
"Whenever I go, I will remember Spring in Kiev, the chestnut trees n blossom and you and I together."
4. Рідна Мати Моя - Dearest Mother Of Mine - Reednah Mateh Moyah

Words: A. Malushka - Musics: P. Mayboroda
"Dearest mother, I gaze upon the embroidered scarf you gave me - you who went sleepless in the night - you who set my path by the stars - and the pain of the loneliness in my heart is as deep as your love."
5. Дівочі Мрії - A Maiden's Longing - Deevochee Mreyee
A young girl hopes and dream that her love will be true and come to take her home with him.

Side 2
1. Ой Не Ходи Грицю - Please Don't Go - Oy Ne Hodeh Hretsyoo
My lover was unfaithful. I poisoned him and now hi is dead. Bitter is my sorrow. He will be neither hers nor mine - only the cold, grey earth will hold him now.
2. Ой Казала Мені Мати - My Mother Warned Me - Oy Kazalah Manyee Mateh
Words and Music: C. Hulaka - Artemovsky
"Go to the well and fetch some water but don't flirt with the young kozaks!"
"Oh, Mother, I didn't flirt, all I did was kiss one"
3. Мати Доню Колисала - Бодайся Когут Знудив - For The Children - Nahteh Donyoo Kolehsahalah / Bodaysha Kohoot Znoodehv
" I rock you to sleep but you will have just one more song. My dark-eyed little nighthawk, you would dance all night. Sleep, my love, mother is here."
4. Чабан(Лучше було) - It's better Not To Know - Loocheh Boolo Traditional It's better not to meet; it's better not to love; but it's even better not to know how and when love will end.
5. Бандура - Bandura- Bandura
Traditional "Love played me for a fool. Now, on my bandura, I play the song of your beautiful eyes and of the love for which I would give my soul."
6. Верховино - Verhoveno - Verhoveno
Traditional "Verhoveno is our whole wordl. Oh, to dance for just one hour on your meadows - to hear the river rush by - the piper play - the thunder roar - the birds sing - to be with the marvellous girls! Paradise is there."

Joan Karasevich - Reflections
Singing Ukrainian Favorites - from Steppes to the Prairies
Born and raised in Winnipeg on the Canadian prairie where her great-grandparents had settled three generations earlier, Joan Karasevich developed the musical and dramatic talents in an environment still vibrating with the dynamic spirit of the pioneers.

Дівочі Мрії

Joan has shared these talent across Canada and in the United States through her concert performances and leading roles in musical and dramatic productions. She has appeared at such theatres as the Stratford Festival Theatre, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Rainbow Stage, Charlottetown Festival and Seattle Repertory Theatre. Guest appearances on network radio and television shows have brought her into the homes and heards of many. 1975 will mark her return to the Ukrainian National Festival in Dauphin.

"Reflections" is Joan's contribution to International Women's Year - thanks to the support of family and friends. An offering of love, these are songs of the Ukrainian people - the soul of the steppes echoed on the prairie - the sound on the hearts of people everywhere.
Music arranged and conducted by Ted Komar featuring "The Ted Komar Orchestra
Photography: J. Coleman Fletcher
Cover design: Charles Speidel
Engineer: John Hildebrand
Kara-Schel Productions
467 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, Canada R2K 2H7, Phone: 204-668-6144
Recorded by Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg Canada
Artist and production are Canadian 1975 Production

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