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Товариство Українських Бандуристів - Літа Молодії

1. Ой за гори кам’яної
- М. Леонтович
Years of youth - M. Leontovych
2. їхав козак за дунай - ар. Г. Китастий
A Cossack off to War - arr. H. Kytasty
3. Весела річенька
- Бойко-Філіпенко
The Merry River - A. Filipenko
4. Сирітка
- ар. Яциневича, для бандури - Г. Китастий. сольо - Уляна Клюфас
The Orphan - arr. Y. Yacenevych, for bandura - H. Kytasty, solo Ulana Klufas
5. Ой попливи утко
- обр. М. Опришко
A Message for My Mother - arr. M. Opryshko


1. Інструментальна в’язанка з твору Байда
- Г. Хоткевич
Instrumental Medley from Bayda - H. Khotkevych
2. Як поїхав мій миленький
- ар. Г. Китастий
While My Lover Was Away - arr. H. Kytasty
3. Ішов козак мій миленький - М. Леонтович, сольо - Наталка Гончаренко, Михайло Сердюк
A Cossack, A Girl, A Dark Night - M. Leontovych, solos - Natalka Honcharenko and Michael Serdiuk
4. А мій милий умер
- Еліза Лукашенко
Mother's Advice to Her Daughter - Folk Song, solo - Elizabeth Lukashenko

5. Дозволь мені мати
- Народна пісня
Let Me Dig a Well for the Girls - Folk Song
6. Ой ізза гори - у неділю п’ю - ар. Г. Китастий
A Widow Working and Celebrating - Arr. H. Kytasty

Інструментальна в’язанка з твору Байда

Ой зза гори кам’яної - У недію п’ю


The bandura is a 50 to 60 stringed non-fretted instrument, played with the fingers of both hands, and has a range of about five and a half octaves. Its sound somewhat resembles a combination of the harp, lute and celesta. The bandura's origins are lost in antiquity, but historical records mention the bandura as far back as 800 years ago. The bandura is the national instrument of Ukraine, and is to Ukrainians what the bagpipes are to the Scots. The bandura is a symbol of longing, sadness, triumph, beauty, rejoicing — in short, of every aspect of a country that can be expressed in music.


The best young bandura players from all over North America gathered in Detroit to meet with each other, to play the bandura, and to make this recording. This is not an ensemble (although many ensembles of many cities are represented),this is a collection of enthusiasts. They are all excellent instrumentalists and vocalists, but best of all, they possess a love for their instrument and for the music of their country. This will be self-evident to anyone hearing their songs.

Every summer the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus organizes and sponsors music camps and bandura workshops. All of these bandurists either learned how to play at such a camp, or else developed their proficiency there. It is also at these camps that these lovers of the bandura got to know one another, and to share their enthusiasm for music and for the bandura. So when it was proposed that they meet over Christmas vacation, forty-two of them gave up their vacations, traveled long distances, and pooled their money to make this recording — a gift to you.

Who are these people? They are mostly students, or just out of school, ranging in age from 15 to 24. A few are studying music, the rest are pursuing a whole range of interests from art to medicine. They are united only through the bandura and their Ukrainian heritage. They come from Detroit, New York, Winnipeg, Toronto, Windsor, Cleveland, St. Catharines, Washington D.C., Syracuse, Baltimore, Col¬umbus, and San Diego. To maintain contact among these widely separated cities, an organization of bandura players was formed in 1982, the Society of Ukrainian Ban¬durists. This record is one of their first projects.

The conductor is Hryhory Kytasty, conductor of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus for over 40 years, whose name has achieved legendary status in connection with his work with the bandura. He has been actively involved in teaching many of the participants, as well as countless others. He is considered the leader, almost a god-father figure so to speak, of the bandura world.

Participants Christine Baransky, Oresta Bilous, Nadia Bluj, Andriy Bourak, Olga Chodoba, Lydia Chorny, Mykola Deychakiwsky, Marko Farion, Donna Fedenko, Nadia Hawryliuk, Natalia Honcharenko, Petra Hryshko, Nina Humeniuk, Martha Jowyk, John Kachura, Ulana Klufas, Vasyl Korec, Wasyl Kosyk, George Cooley, Irene Kytasty, Julian Kytasty, Liza Lukashenko, Marta Lys, Katia Masnyk, Taras Masnyk, Michail Newmerzyckyj, Mykola Newmerzyckyj, Ihor Mahlay, Natalka Pavlovsky, Lesia Petryna, Oksana Rodak, Lesia Savedchuk, Katia Serdiuk, Irene Zawadiwsky, Andrew Zura.

Conductor: Hryhory Kytasty, Concertmaster: Petro Kytasty, Recording Engineer: Jeff Briggs, Recorded at T. J. Sounds Studio, Warren, Michigan, Producer: Victor Kytasty, Technical Assistance: Bohdan Tymyc, Cover Design: Volodymyr Hruszkewycz, Photos: Andre Latyszewsky and Volodymyr Hruszkewycz, Special Thanks: The Rodak Family, The Fedenko Family, The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus

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