Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roy Mykytyshyn - Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Ukrainian-ski Style

Side 1
1. Kolomayka
2. Getting ready for 25th - Roy & Stefie
3. Oh my wife what are you good for - Roy & Stefie
4. Introduction speech for 25th for the couple - John
5. Anniversary waltz song & dance - John
6. 25th groom's speech - Roy
7. Let's get together and dance all night - Roy
8. Lucky unlucky times for wife - Roy, Stefie, John
9. I Remember! I wish I wasn't born - Stefie

Side 2
1. I know I know about Ukrainian festival - Roy & Stefie
2. National festival - Roy
3. Badtime for groom 25 years - Roy & Stefie
4. Goodtimes on the farm - Roy
5. I'm leaving you old woman, a young one wants me - Roy
6. Goodtimes downtown boys - Roy
7. I'll think and drink but you keep quite - Roy
8. Its always best at home - Roy

I know I know about Ukrainian festival

Roy Mykytyshyn has established himself as the king of fun and laughter, and is rapidly gaining for himself an international reputation through recordings and personal appearances.  With a dynamic style and creative ability, Roy Mykytyshyn comes alive with some very exciting sounds on this his 4th album.  It is a combination of folk and country fun, blended to give a very rich and rewarding listening sound.  East or west, north or south, we think you will enjoy this unique album of Roy's.
Our thanks - Alec Groshak

Special thanks to:
Stefie Sumka
John Yuzyk
Ann Kraichy
And the boys

Recording Engineer - Colin Bennett
Produced by Alec Groshak
Manufactured and distributed by V-Records Ltd. Inc.
221 Flora Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2W2P8

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