Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lubomyr Melnyk - Concert-Requiem/Islands

Side 1
Concert-Requiem (Requiem of the 7 Million) for violin and piano
Marc Sabat - violin
Lubomyr Melnyk - piano
©1984 Lubomyr Melnyk

Composed in December, 1983, at the request of the Symon Petlura Institute of Canada.
Recorded August 1985, Music Gallery, Toronto
Recording Engineer: John Oswald
Introduction spoken in Ukrainian by Fr. Alexander Baran
Concluding hymn: "Oh Father, Hear Our Plea"; Western Ukraine, anonym, 19th century

Side 2
for solo piano performed by the composer ©1984 Lubomyr Melnyk
Commissioned in 1984, by the dance group "Windwitches" of Stockholm, February 1984.
Recorded: April, 1984, at Studio Julius, Helsinki by Ilka Volanen.

Concert-Requiem fragm.


Cover: "The Crucifixion", 1850, sepia, by Taras Shevchenko.

We wish to thank The Carpathia Credit Union (Winnipeg), the Ukrainian Music Festival(Toronto), and Mr. Yurij Roman Melnyk, for their financial support of this recording.

Special thanks to The Shevchenko Foundation for their support of Ukrainian artists in Canada.

Copyright 1985
Bandura Records
Box 182, Station 'E'
Toronto, Canada,
M6H 4E2

In 1933, the Russian communists murdered 7 million Ukrainian men, women and children by forced starvation.  The CONCERT-REQUIEM is dedicated to the victims of this genocide... for whom no Requiem was allowed.

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