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Роман Когут - Буря ІІІ - Ron Cahute and Burya III

Side A
1. Silly Old Man
2. Love
3. I Would Take My Bandura
4. Hutsulka Ksenia
5. You Told Me
6. Home Brew

Side B
1. Hopaka
2. Kiev Waltz
3. Do Not Forget Me
4. In The Cherry Orchard
5. Verchovyno Suite
6. The Time For Parting

Сторона А
1. Старий Калабаю
2. Коханочка
3. Взав Би Я Бандуру
4. Гуцулка Ксеня
5. Тиж Казала
6. Гом Бру

Сторона Б
1. Гопака
2. Київський Вальс
3. Не Забудь Мене
4. У Вишневому Садочку
5. Верховино
6. Вже Надходить Час

The Time For Parting - Вже Надходить Час

Home Brew Гом Бру

Distribution & Bookings - Aremkay Records, 2195 Bloor St. W. Toronto, M6S1N2, Canada

This album is dedicated to John Lockwood, a member of Burya, who passed away in August 1981.  His musical expertise and warm friendship are sadly missed.

Ron Cahute - Vocals, Accordion, Bass, Synthesizer, Piano, Sopilka
Joaroslaw Hryhorsky - Violin, Viola
David Monis - Drums, Percussion
M. Monis - Electric, Classical and 12 String Guitars, Banjo
Michael Romanick - Clarinet, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Len Steciuk - Electric Guitar, Violin
Ron Lutz - Alto and Tenor Saxophones

Arrangements - Ron Cahute and Jaroslaw Hryhorsky
Photography - Lu Taskey
Printing - Hramony Printing Ltd. 70 Coronet Rd., Toronto, Ontario
Recorded at - Studio 306, Toronto, Ontario
Engineering - Brian Mitchell, Charlie Culver
Production - Roy and Irene Kostiuk

Copyright 1982
Printed in Canada

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