Friday, July 15, 2011

Bill Woloshyns's Interlake Polka Kings - An Evening At Home

Side 1
1. Весільний марш - Mike's Wedding March - Instrumental - Michael Galay
2. Перша думка молодої - Bride's First Thought - Ukrainian vocal Mary Woloshyn
3. Звідси гора - Vidse Hora - Ukrainian vocal Bill and Mary Woloshyn
4. Василева полька - Bill's Polka - Instrumental - Bill Woloshyn
5. Стоїть явір над водою - Stoyeet Yavier Nad Vodoyou - Ukrainian vocal Shelly Shotropa
6. Дім в небесах - Home In Heaven - Ukrainian vocal - Mary and Bill Woloshyn

Side 2
1. Улюблена полька - Favourite Polka - Instrumental
2. Пісня мавпи - Monkey Song - Ukrainian vocal Mary Woloshyn
3. Самітна частина міста - Lonely Side Of Town (Tree Publishing Co.) Ukrainian vocal Mary Woloshyn
4. Голуб - Holub - Instrumental
5. Била мене мати із вечора - Mother Spanked Me Last Night - Ukrainian vocal Mary Woloshyn
6. Церква в дикій пущі - Church In The Wildwood
- Ukrainian vocal Bill and Mary Woloshyn

Дім в небесах - Home In Heaven

Василева полька - Bill's Polka

Самітна частина міста - Lonely Side Of Town

Once the plans for this album were completed; finding old Ukrainian songs, composing some and translating others from English to Ukrainian the practice nights had to be set. After a few get-togethers, the final practice night before the recording session would be at the Woloshyn home. Bill and Mary Woloshyn had their songs ready, son Peter had practiced all the numbers on his bass guitar and was ready for the final rehearsal. Nine year old Shelly Shotropa, who's singing career started at the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic church when she was seven, had previously performed on stage with the Interlake Polka Kings but this would be her first recording. She would have
to go to bed before the others, so her song was forst. For some of the group it was a night out, but for the Woloshyn family it was "An Evening At Home"

Ukrainian Records, Winnipeg Canada
Album UK 5011

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