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Vasyl Melnychyn - Tenor

Side One
1. Pieta, Signore (Pity, O Savior) - A. Stradella
2. La Boheme (Che gelida manina) - G. Puccini
3. Rigoletto (La donna e mobile) - G. Verdi
4. L'Elisir D'Amore (Una Furtiva lagrima) - G. Donizetti
5. Tosca (E lucevan le stelle) - G. Puccini

Side Two
1. Falcon Wings (B.K., after Matyuk) - R. Prydatkevych
2. Mother Tongue - words O. Oles, mus. by Bobykevych - Prydatkevych
3. Fields Of Rye - words by O. Oles, mus
. by A. Hnatyshyn
4. The Shepherd's Song - concert arr. of folk song by A. Hnatyshyn
5. I Hear A Song - words by D. Zahul, mus. by I. Sonevytsky
6. I Love - words by O. Oles, mus. by A. Hnatyshyn
7. Song - words H. Chuprynka, mus. by A. Hnatyshyn

Mother Tongue

Vaysl Melnychyn with the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra George Zack conducting in a program of Stradella, Puccini, Verdi, Donizetti and Ukrainian folk and art songs.

Vasyl Melnychyn was born in Uhersko, Western Ukraine. From childhood he loved the soulful songs for which the Ukraine is famous, and includes these songs in his concert programs.
He first studied voice aboard in Munich, Germany with Mrs. Else Domberger. He also studied economics and upon receiving a degree, he arrived in the United States where he continued his voice study at Chicago Musical College (1949-56). Scholarships gave him the opportunity to study with Dr. Harvey Ringel, aswell as in the Opera Workshop under the direction of Dr. John Wolmut. In 1957 he went to Rome, Italy, where he studied with the world famous tenor, Tito Schipa.
He has appeared as a leading operatic tenor and also as a concert artist in some of the most famous concert halls as well as in radio and television.
Melnychyn, as an excellent leading operatic tenor, has appeared in operas such as Rigoletto, La Tosca, Cavaleria, Rusticana, La Traviata, La Boheme, Die Fledermaus, Pagliacci, The Haunted Castle, Kateryna, Cossacck Beyond the Danube, and others.

Rome:... "one of the best American lyric artists" - Il Tempo
Vienna:... "exeptionally high tenor of beautiful quality" - Wiener Zeitung
Winnipeg:... " he sings with artistic restraint and conveys the meaning of lyrics with keen musicianship" - Winnipeg Tribune
Toronto:... "tenor suited to high arias" - Toronto Globe
Chicago:... "very precise in voice interpretation in his part. Tenor voice of great quality... gave a vivid portrayal of Turiddu" - Musical Leader

The Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra, under its new conductor, Dr. George Zack, is beginning to emerge as one of the nation's most exciting young community orchestras. After a recent performance, a local critic wrote:
"Dr. Zack and the Philharmonic were kept standing and bowing by an enthusiastic audience that seemed reluctant to let them go."
Dr. Zack received his musical training from Wichita State University, the University of Michigan, and the doctorate from Florida State University. He brings a broad background in teaching , television, lecturing, and performing to the podium, and his relaxed style at concerts has increased audience response and participation in the Philharmonic program. His philosophy is to appeal to every musical taste, and in
pursuit of that goal, he has taken the orchestra to malls, outdooor parks, and fairs. The orchestra takes its players from the entire central Kentucky area, area rich in professional players attached to the many fine Universities and Colleges. Having received generous support from the Kentucky Arts Commission, the Philharmonic has begun an exciting series of concerts in near-by communities helping convert listeners to live symphonic music.

Janelle Pope is known in Central Kentucky as a fine pianist and accompanist. She studied piano with Nathaniel Patch at the University of Kentucky and, as a preparatory student, at the University of Louisville School of Music with Dwight Anderson. She has accompanied several well known concert artists, as well as the well known choral group, the Lexington Singers.

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