Friday, July 15, 2011

Variuos - Touring The Ukraine

Side 1
1. The Fog Rolls Into The Valley
2. Dudaryk, The Old Bagpiper
3. Oh! Great Oak
4. The Joyful Reaper
5. Turtledove Dance

Side 2
1. The Grieving Halychanky
2. The Girl Walked Along The Shore 3. There Is A Rye Patch In The Field
4. Cherry Blossom Time
5. Pakbiyohka

The Fog Rolls Into The Valley

The Ukrainian songs tell of the harvest, sweethearts at war, orchards in bloom and other themes of daily life.
Ukrainian folk music developed its onw national instrument, the Bandura, and included in this album are a bandura solo ("Turtedove Dance") as well as banduris
t ensembles. Since the 16th century, bandurists have contributed to the culture of the people.
Three of the selections here "Dudaryk, The Old Bagpiper", "The Grieving Halychanky" and The Joyful Reaper" have been recorded by The Choir of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church here in this country. This choir is well-travelled and gives very authentic renditions of Ukrainian music.
Now, let us listen to a sampling of Ukrainian folk music and transport ourselves to villages of Eastern Europe.

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