Friday, November 18, 2011

Melody Night - Volume 4

Перша Сторона - Side 1
1. Ой ти козаче - The visiting kozak
2. Чи справді? - Are you sure?
3. Бодайся когут - The rooster
4. Рушив поїзд - The train
5. Ой чий то кінь стоїть? - Whose horse is that?

Друга Сторона - Side 2
1. Ой у лісі два дуби - Two oaks
2. Коломийка - Kolomeyka
3. Червона калина - Red kalyna
4. І в вас і в нас - For you and us

Рушив поїзд - The train

Червона калина - Red kalyna

І в вас і в нас - For you and us

Рушив поїзд

Червона калина

І в вас і в нас

Нічна Мольодія

A Melody Night production 
Recorded by PCI Studios Rochester, New York
Production coordinator Todd D. Schafer
Photography by Paul Wiedrich
Printing by Myron Babiuk
- Jaroslaw Gluszko - trumpet, mandolin, bazouki, vocals
- Gene Hrynczyszyn - duovox, vocals
- Michael Bily - guitar, synthesizers, vocals
- Walter Chwesik - saxophones, vocals
- Joseph Chwesik - drums, percussion, vocals
Music arranged by Melody Night
All rights reserved
Melody Night Volumes I, II and III are available at your local Ukrainian Store or through Melody Night, P.O. Box 17205, Rochester, New York 14617
Copyright 1982

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