Thursday, December 22, 2011

The John Gotch Band and Trio - Продовження веселих пісень України - More gay songs of the Ukraine

Side A
1. In the quiet and beautiful evening - solo Oksana Bluy
2. Dearest mother - solo John Gotch
3. Dark Brows - solo John Gotch
4. Carpathian Humorous Kolomiyka
5. When your good friend is singing - solo John Gotch
6. Hopak polka 

Side B
1. Across the river - solo John Gotch
2. The moon is shining - solo Oksana Bluy
3. Trusting eyes - solo John Gotch
4. Heel and toe dance - solo John Gotch, Bill Kowalchuk
5. Keep shining bright star
6. Nova polka

- Гопак
- Чорні брови
- Світи моя зоре
- Канада танець
- Тихо в вечірнім проміні
- Як співає твій добрий друг

- Вірні очі
- Нова полька
- Світить місяць
- Через річеньку
- Рідна мати моя (Рушничок)
- Карпатська жартіблива коломийка

Carpathian Humorous Kolomiyka

When your good friend is singing

Trusting eyes

Of all the countries and regions in the world, the Ukraine is probably the richest in folklore, folk songs and music.  Many of the still-popular songs have been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth and now are being passed on to future generations through the miracle of electronic recording.  Even though the Ukraine, as a nation, no longer exists, songs and dances are still being composed and so the cultural background of the Ukraine continues to flourish wherever Ukrainians live.

John Gotch is of Polish and Ukrainian descent and is thoroughly versed in Ukrainian music.  He has compiled this album of songs and dances of the Ukraine, some of them old and some new, and throughout them all, he has used the modern approach to orchestrations and instrumentation while retaining the old world charm essential to this type of music.
The brilliance of his arrangements is enhanced by the singing of Oksana Bluy, Luba Horsky and Vera Iwashako, a charming trio of girls all with extensive training at the Conservatory.

John Gotch - vocals and clarinet
Bill Kowalchuk - violin
Andy Stefura - accordion 
Joe Dobko - guitar
Rudy Maxim - drums
Frank Figuiredo - bas
Oksana Bluy - vocals
Luba Horsky - vocals
Vera Iwashako - vocals

A product of Arc Sound LTD., Toronto, Ont.

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