Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ukrainian Magic - Presents Peter Daminoff Strings - Album 2

Side 1
1. Pride and joy - polka
2. Vagabond - waltz
3. Sonia - polka
4. Wedding medley - polka
5. Kolomeyka No 5
6. Carlotta - tango
7. Kolomeyka No 1

Side 2
1. Balkan melody - waltz
2. Roxlana - polka
3. Fly, my lonely song - tango
4. The wedding march - march
5. Katrusia - polka
6. Every night - waltz

Balkan melody


Violins - Peter Daminoff, Michael Kupnicki
Guitar - Victor Pasowisty
Accordion - Eugene Laszkiewicz
Piano - Frank Harris
Bass - Tommy Cinnamon

I, Mike Kupnicki, President of Alto Records, appreciate the association with my teacher Peter Daminoff, in the production of Ukrainian Magic.  Mr. Daminoff is a member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and a performer on many TV shows.  He is also the Violinist at the famous Julie's Restaurant in Toronto, Canada.  The cooperation of local musicians in making this unique recording a great success is also appreciated.  Special feature of Ukrainian Magic is the Cymbaly played by Stave Kranyak of Burlington, Can.  Technical and recording operation was by Mel. Smith, Owner and President of "Recording on Location" 125 Burk St. Oshawa, Canada.  Phone 725-5822. (copyrights are pending)

Records available from Alto Music Supplies, 453 Simcoe St. Shout, Oshawa, Can.  Phone 725-1501
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