Monday, January 16, 2012

The Polka Drifters - On a Winter Vacation

Side 1
1. The fiddling fingers polka - arr. D. E. Nykoliation J. T. Ostryzniuk
2. Згадка про залицяння - Courtship memories - vocal by Stan Kaskiw D. E. Nykoliation
3. Однобічне прощання - A one-sided farewell - vocal by Stan Kaskiw
4. Коломийка на хрестини - The christening kolomayka - arr. J. T. Ostryzniuk
5. Стоїть явір над водою - Tree by the water - vocal by J. T. Ostryzniuk D. E. Nykoliation
6. All the girls love me polka - The Fabulous Polka Drifters

Side 2
1. Willy's polka - arr. Dennis Drul 
2. Минувша війна - The last war - vocal by Stan Kaskiw
3. Чи принесе весна назад рожі - will springtime bring back any roses
4. Непорзуміння старших - A middle-aged disagreement - vocal by Stan Kaskiw
5. Вальс Зірка - The star waltz - arr. J. T. Ostryzniuk D. E. Nykoliation
6. Сварка по-старому - An old fashioned argument - vocal by Stan Kaskiw

Непорзуміння старших - A middle-aged disagreement

Минувша війна - The last war

Willy's polka

Ukrainian Language - Українська

A winter vacation with The Polka Drifters
Have you ever enjoyed a holiday?  Well then, just simply lean back, relax and listen to The Polka Drifters perform.
Whether you see them placing forth their music or not is immaterial, because before long the entire band is "jumping" in your living room.
The demand for this album has been fantastic, consequently the group has decided to be with you through the long Western Canadian winter.
The songs and music on this album reflect one of the most precious of human feelings - Happiness.  Once again, Stan Kaskiw, projects that Ukrainian characteristics of joy and celebration with his now typical "Dido and Baba" lyrics.
The music stylings of Jerry Ostryzniuk, Dennis Nykoliation, and Dennis Drul continue to enlighten that fabulous "Polka Drifters Sound"
The rhythm section still consists of Al Davis, Mr. Drums, along with Wilf Wowchuk on Bass.
It is the passionate hope of The Polka Drifters that all their friends will join them by the "red glow of the fireplace" where everyone will spend a "Winter Vacation With The Polka Drifters".

UK Records Ltd. P.O.Box 1493 Winnipeg 1. Manitoba
Translations Louis Gollets
Cover Photo David Protigal
Engineers Michael Arbutnot, Warren Barker
Arbuthnot Recording Studios
UKS 5017 

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