Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vodograi - Водограй

1 Сторона
1. Запроси до танцю - В. Івасюк, Б. Стельмах
Invite me to dance - V. Ivasyuk, B. Stelmakh
2. Незване моє кохання - В. Івасюк, Р. Братунь - Солістка Людмила Артеменко
My unexpected beloved - V. Ivasyuk, R. Bratun - Solo Lyudmila Artemenko
3. Дівчина мила
Darling girl - Ukrainian folk song
4. Путешествиє - О. Косько
Journey - O. Kosko
5. Несла дівчина воду - Камерний оркестр дирежер Ф. Глущенко
Once a girl was carrying water - Ukrainian folk song - Chamber orchestra, conductor F. Glushchenko

2 Сторона
1. Тебе Назло - М. Некрич, А. Вратарев - Солистка Людмила Артеменко
Just to spite you - M. Nekrych, F. Finkel - Solo Lyudmila Artemenko
2. Вишневий рассвет - М. Некрич, А. Вратарев - Солист Виктор Шпротько
Cherry-red dawn - M. Nekrych, A. Vratarev - Solo Victor Shprotko
3. Воспоминание - О. Косько
Memory - O. Kosko
4. Родине - О. Тевдорадзе - Е. Стюарт - Солістка Людмила Артеменко
For Motherland - O. Tevdoradze, E. Stuart - Solo Lyudmila Artemenko
5. Голубой вагон - В. Шаинский
Blue car - musical joke - V. Shainski

Запроси до танцю

Recording engineer Y. Vinnik
Editor - N. Kuzyk
Chamber Orchestra Conductor F. Glushchenko

Vocal and instrumental group "Vodohrai" was organized in 1974 in Ukraine at Dnepropetrovsk district Philharmonic Society. Gifted musicians joined it - prize-winners of the USSR jazz festivals - O. Kosko (piano) A. Ishuk (bass-guitar), A. Gurov (drum) and art director of the group, saxophone player A. Shapoval. The soloist is L. Artemenko, prize-winner of the national competition "Young Voices", who has excellent vocal qualities.
"Vodograi" has made appearances in many towns of the Soviet Union and everywhere the performances were a great success. The group often appears on radio and television; it performed the songs composed by D. Tukhmanov for the film "Dear Boy".
The success of the group can be largely accounted for by the technical skill of the musicians, their love of creation, endless search for new methods, pursuit of their own way. The group includes in its repertoire works of modern composers and folk songs. It tries to synthesize the traditional principles of jazz music with rich folk Ukrainian sources. The musicians carefully use the Ukrainian tune and poetic word, they keep in close touch with local authors which to a great extent helps them to retain originality.
According to the press reports "Vodogri" has been carefully working on the melodious intonations characteristic of different districts of Ukraine. Such instruments as
lyre and Ukrainian sopilka, so rare nowadays, get on very well with modern instruments and undoubtedly enrich and contribute to the sound creative power of the ensemble.

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