Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Times 'Veselka' - Ukrainian Traditional and Contemporary Music

Side 1
1. Tsyhanochko, Luba Moya - My Gypsy Love
2. Kohut - The Rooster
3. Ochi Voloshkovi - Blue Eyes
4. Nad Potokom - By The Stream
5. Tyzh Mene Pidmanula - You Fooled Me Again

Side 2
1. Volyn Moya - My Volyn
2. Sertse - The Heart
3. Chum-Ba-Ra - My Girl Marusia
4. Zhovte Lyctia - Yellow Leaves
5. Hey Tam Na Hori - The Sich

Циганочко люба моя

Жовте листя

Vern Biehler - Accordion and Bass
Ivan Bodyk - Drums and Vocal
Ivan Kornylo - Alto, Tenor, Soprano Saxophone and Vocals
Wasyl Kornylo - Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals
Sasha Podolsky - Piano, Sythesizer and Vocals

Produced and Arranged by Good Times 'Veselka'
Recorded and Mixed at Recording Concepts Limited, Rochester, New York 14625
Engineered by Roderick J. Williams
Assistant Engineer Tony Ezzo
Cover Kraus/LeFevre Studios, Inc.
Design Jurij T. Kraus
Artists Marion Fluchere, Ross Chirico
1980 Kraus/LeFever Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Made and Printed in the U.S.A.


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