Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus - Christmas Carols

Side 1
1. Silent Night (F. Gruber)
2. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (R.S. Wills)
3. Christmas Melodies (Instrumental)
a. In The Town Of Bethlehem Во Вифлеємі (Arr. H. Kytasty)
b. Rejoice All, God Has Came From Heaven Возвеселімся (Arr. S. Liudkewych)
c. Shchedryk - Carol Of The Bells Щедрик (Arr. M. Leontowych)
4. Christmas Bells Різдвяні Дзвони (H. Koncewych - H. Kytasty) Soloist W. Kuczer
5. Let Us Sing Today And Rejoice Together Днесь Поюще
(Arr. K. Stetzenko) Soloist P. Sadowy

Side 2
1. God Eternal Was Born Unto The World Today Бог Предвічний
2. In The River Jordan The Virgin Mary Bathed Her New Born Son На Йорданській Річці
(Arr. K. Stetzenko)
3. Joyful Tidings Have Spread Over The World,The Virgin Mary Has Given Birth По Всьому Світу
(Arr. K. Stetzenko)
4. What Is This Wonder That Has Come Over The World Що То За Предиво
(Arr. V. Barvinsky - V. Bozyk) Soloist E. Ciura
5. A New Joy Has Descended, Chris Is Born And The Angels Sing, Proclaiming Peace. Нова Радість Стала
6. Saints Sit Crushing Rocks For The Building Of A Church Святі Сиділи
(Arr. V. Bozyk)
Soloists: P. Honcharenko, tenor P. Pacholuk, basso
7. God Sees The World In Peril And Sends His Son Ой Видить Бог
(Arr. K. Stetzenko)

Бог Предвічний

По Всьому Світу


Hryhory Kytasty, Conductor.

The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus was organized in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, in 1918, and was dedicated to the memory of the greatest Ukrainian Poet, Taras Shevchenko. It consists of 30 male singers, each of whom plays the "Bandura", a national Ukrainian instrument.
The Bandura became a very popular instrument in Ukraine in the 16th century. It has 30 to 60 strings, ranging through five octaves which are plucked by the fingers. The Bandura unifies, to a certain degree, the principles of two instruments, that of the lute and harp. The sound of the Bandura is somewhat emphatic but gentle.
The Ukrainian Bandurists were admitted to the United States as permanent residents. Since 1949, this Chorus has given constant performances in the leading concert halls of the United States, Canada and Western Europe,
arousing the greatest enthusiasm wherever it performed.

Cover - Y. Krochmaluk
Distributor, Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus - No. 13

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