Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eugene Zukowsky and his group - Ukrainian Comic Songs

Side I
1. Walc "Sonia"
2. Kobyly ne dam (No, not horse!)
3. Pyshe meni Zinka (My Wife writes)
4. Sam piu, Sam huliayou (I drink and sleep by myself)
5. Welykyj (Big difference)
6. Bez Yazykiy (Without speech)
7. Miy Smychok (My bow)
8. Desiat Paragrafiw (Ten paragraphs)

Side II
1. Pardi w Kumy (Party at the neighbors)
2. Swaty w shynku (Matchmakers in saloon)
3. Samohonka (Moonshine)
4. Slipets, Didiwska Pisnia (Blind Beggars Song)
5. Falshywi Slezy (False Tears)
6. Prozba do Cholowika (In need of aid from a gentleman)
7. Piw Prawdy (Half Truth)
8. Kawalok Gruntu (Portion of land)

Сам п’ю сам гуляю

Мій Смичок

Сліпець дідівська пісня

Ukrainian Comic Songs
Monologues and dialogues by Eugene Zukowsky and his group

These songs and spot comedy bits were composed and sung by the very talented artist Eugene Zukowsky. From 1925 to 1940, through the depression and years of struggle, Zukowsky made the Ukrainian people laugh. They would come into the store and say, "Mr. Please give me record about Kuma (neighbor). No, I don't want the record for myself, I want it for my Kuma to listen". "It sounds just like her". And it did sound like her. For Zukowsky had a way of reaching common ground among the Ukrainian people and making the everyday drudgery a humorous thing.

There is still a lot to laugh about in Zukowsky's songs. For that reason we have compiled the old favorites and reproduced them for you on this Rusalka long playing record.
Rusalka Records MWS104
Made in U.S.A.
Copyright Surma Book & Music Co.
Co. M. Surmach

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