Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Naduzak Family - Your Ukrainian Party

Side One
1. Kamarock Polka
2. Veteran's Polka
3. Beause Jour Centennial Polka
4. Cymbaly On Fire
5. Bradley's Special
6. Their Kolomayka
7. Ukrainian Kolomayka #13

Side Two
1. Mountain Walz
2. Sweet Melodies
3. Mother Told Me So
4. Garden Party
5. The Farmer's Daughter
6. JWX Polka

JWX Polka

Here is a collection of the most popular Ukrainian songs, polka's and waltzes, presented on this album by The Naduzak Family Plus Three, well known entertainers.
Brad plays cymbaly and other instruments, Gail plays the violin and Sandra plays the accordian. They have won 26 trophies. The group have also won ten local talent shows. Gail has won a first in women, a first in 16 and under, and a second in Manitoba Fiddling Championship in 1974. Brad has won 2 seconds in the Cymbaly Contest in Winnipeg plus other trophies.
In 1971 in Dauphin the won a first instrumental, a first junior and a first overall. In 1972 in Dauphin they placed first in junior instrumental and also won second in the Western Canada Talent Show.
Then Plus Three - cousin Bryan Ruchkall started with the Polkateers in 1973. Bryan plays the guitar and does the vocal for the group. Zane Zazula plays bass on this LP. Roddy Demsky plays the drums.
We're sure this group of youngsters will get you up dancing and singing. But it may well be that you would rather sit back, listen and wonder how so young a group can put you in the mood and warm your heart.
We think the growing public will welcome this their first long play album,
K-Records Ltd.
Alec Groshak

Produced by A. Groshak
Recorded at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1975

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