Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mickey and Bunny - This Land Is Your Land

Side 1
1. This Land Is Your Land
2. Out Behind The Barn
3. I Want To Be Loved
4. The Bashful Lover
5. Making Believe
6. Toomba

Side 2
1. Cigareetes, Whiskey, Wild Women
2. One Week Later
3. Beautiful Brown Eyes
4. Rich Girl, Poor Boy
5. I Get So Lonely
6. Roses Are Blooming

Rich Girl, Poor Boy

The Bashful Lover

Out Behind The Barn

Among the most popular and versatile of all Canadian entertainers and singers are Mickey Sheppard and Bunny Evans. As this collection proves, they can move easily from brightly rhythmic numbers to ballads of any kind and back again, providing their audiences with memorable performances that can be enjoyed again and again.

Here, in their first collection of English and Ukrainian numbers, they once again
show their wide versatility. Several of the numbers are older Ukrainian selections that have been "modernized" and have been partially translated to the English language, for enjoyment of those who do not understand the Ukrainian tongue. This has been done solely because of constant requests for such productions. Several of the numbers are older top hit, English country music songs that have also been partially translated to the Ukrainian language.

It is the fervent hope that all who listen to these "half-and-half" songs will get full enjoyment from them.

And is the policy in Mickey and Bunny L.P.'s there are comedy song
s that many people enjoy. In this case... Out Behind The Barn and Cigareetes, Whiskey and Wild Women provide the humour.

For those who want strictly country music, we suggest a 45 record that is now on sale across the country... recorded by Mickey Sheppard and Bunny Evans, titled, Is This Really Me b/w Country Music Saturday Night...

Crdits: A & R Mickey Sheppard Recorded At Studio Star
Manufactured and Distributed by: V Records LTD., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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