Friday, August 12, 2011

Українська Капеля Бандуристів Ім. Тараса Шевченка - Вставай Народе

Side 1
1. Arise Ye People! - lyrics by I. Bahrjany - music by H. Kytasty - soloist Y. Cisaruk
.. Вставай народе!
2. A May Night - lyrics and music by L. Lepky
.. Маєва нічка
3. March of the Fallen - lyrics by I. Bahrjany - music by H. Kytasty
.. Марш поляглих
4. Freedom fighter's farewell - lyrics by R. Kupchynsky - music by M. Hajvoronsky - soloist P. Pysarenko - tenor, M. Minsky - baritone
.. Їхав стрілець на війноньку
5. Forward Advance! - march of Ukrainian Insurgent Army - arr. by V. Bozyk
.. Вперед!

Side 2
1. Hey!Hey!Hey! We'll make Ukraine Gay - Arr. by B. Kudryk
.. Ой у лузі червона калина
2. Departure - Great is the girls sorrow, when the freedom-fighters march away - music by M. Fomenko - soloist M. Minsky
.. Як стрільці йшли з України
3. Motherland Ukraine - lyrics by S. Cherkasenko - rewording by D. Petrivsky - music by K. Stetzenko - We have sworn our loyalty to thee
.. Вкраїно мати
4. Mograting of the cranes - lyrics and music by L. Lepky - final solopart P. Honcharenko
.. Чуєш брате мій
5. March Ukraina - lyrics by I. Bahrjany - music by H. Kytasty - soloist G. Oryshkewych

Arise Ye People!

Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus
Hryhory Kytasty, Conductor
No. 16
The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus was organized in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, in 1918, and was dedicated to the memory of the greatest Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko. It consists of 30 male singers, each of whom plays the Bandura, a national Ukrainian instrument.
The Bandura became a very popular instrument in Ukraine in the 16th century. It has 30 to 60 strings, ranging through five octaves which are plucked by the fingers. The Bandura unifies, to a certain degree, the principles of two instruments, that of the lute and harp. The sound of the Bandura is somewhat emphatic but gentle.
The Ukrainian Bandurist were admitted to the United States as permanent residents. Since 1949, this Chorus has given constant performances in the leading concert halls of the United States, Canada and Western Europe, arousing the greatest enthusiasm wherever it performed.

Cover by E. Kozak
Distributor - Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus - P.O. Box 119, Hamtramck Br., Detroit, Michigan 48212, USA
822U-5074,5 4


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