Friday, September 30, 2011

D-Drifters 5 - Sing and play traditional and original Ukrainian songs

Сторона 1

1. На дорозі
2. Як я був малий хлопець
3. Наші дівчата
4. Краковяк
5. А я люблю Петруся
6. Чарівна пісня

Сторона 2
1. Я сьогодні від вас від’їжджаю
2. Ой ходила дівчина беріжком
3. Гречаники
4. Я був мудрий Соломон
5. Ой там на горі
6. Гандзя

Я сьогодні від вас від’їжджаю

On the road - a comedy song written by the D-Drifters-5 depicting how a day in the life of a travelling musician might be spent
A young lad - tells of a young lad's experiences in love, as he is growing up
Our girlfriends - a silly comedy song, about "girls", which the D-Drifters-5 put together themselves
Krakowak - an instrumental number originating near the town of Zhitomir of the Ukraine, but now done up in the typical lively, toe-tapping style of the D-Drifters-5
Oh how I love Peter - a traditional Ukrainian ballad done as an instrumental, featuring each lead instrument of the group
A poisoned love - tells a story about a girl who poisoned a rich man's son because she couldn't have his love
Today, I am leaving for the battle - an old Ukrainian ballad about a young man leaving to the wars, and a worried mother, and girlfriend are left behind
Girl walking along the river bank - a traditional Ukrainian song tellin gof how a girl sold her geese with hopes of buying herself a musician
Hretchanyky - traditional Ukrainian song
I was a smart Alec - a comedy song about an old man bragging about his love life
You are my sunshine - the Ukrainian version of "You are my sunshine", but done in a polka tempo which is so very typical of the D-Drifters-5
Handzia - a comedy song written by a Ukrainian in Canada about a girl named Handzia, who has left her lover

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