Friday, September 30, 2011

Karlicki - Sing Ukrainian songs for you

Side 1 - Сторона 1
1. Wonderful Dream - Чудовий сон
2. Ivanko - Іванку
3. The Village Flirt - Ой джиґуне
4. Somber Eyes - Карі очі
5. The Lonely Grave - Ой у полі могила
6. The Elves - Карлики

Side 2
1. Muddy Waters - Чого ж вода каламутна
2. Whispering Willows - В кінці греблі
3. The Fortune Teller - Ворожка
4. My Tender Heart - Як тебе не любити
5. In The Meadow - Ой у полі три криниченьки
6. The Betrothed Girl - Ой ти дівчино


For many years Ukrainian music, songs, and dances have been enjoyed by people of Ukrainian origin throughout the world.
Their folk songs, their ballads and their traditional ways have played a great part in the dimensions of Ukrainian music.
May we introduce to you The Karlicki - unquestionably five of the most popular personalities in the field of entertainment with many personal appearances throughout Canada.  They are as follows: Myra Savedchuk, Dolores Mattreck, Anna Sich, Olga Chomtschyn and Vera Melnycky.
Right from the beginning of this album you will hear for the first time a collection of exciting and rhythmic sounds.  The Karlicky portray to you through their showmanship and versatility tremendous entertainment.
We hope the songs entertain and give moral and spiritual support to today's generation of Young Ukrainians.
I highly recommend this album to you all and it is felt that this record will be entertaining to you.  We know that you will get just as much enjoyment out of listening to this album as we got from recording it.
Alec Groshak, V-Records Ltd.

Manufactured and distributed by V-Records Ltd. Inc.
In USA - P.O. Box 7084  St. Paul, Minnesota 55117
In Canada 221 Flora Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2J2J2
VLP 3052

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