Friday, September 30, 2011

The Singing Semchuk Sisters - At Canada's National Ukrainian Festival

Side A
1. Yak yak boola Molodaiya - When I was a young girl
2. Ckrypochka Hrala
3. Oohorah Karpatah
4. Schoya Boodoo Beednee Geeyoo
5. Kooralikee

Side B
1. Yeehow Kozak Kolo Mlyna
2. Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago, Sung in Ukrainian (Somewhere my Love)
3. Tam na horee Krootiversha
4. Tam oo Poloo Mohyla
5. Poyeehala Baba ooleec
6. Chervony Soncy Shodyt - The red sun rise

Oohorah Karpatah

Yak yak boola Molodaiya

Fiddle work don by Fiddlin' Bill Prokopchuk
Guitar music done by Leona Semchuk the oldest of the group
Recorded at Galaxy Studios
Produced by Alex Moodrey

The Singing Semchuk Sisters - Award winners for best Ukrainian vocal performance

Distributed in Canada by Galaxy Records Winnipeg Manitoba
GLP 1005

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